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Since the 1968 Mexico Olympic Summer Games, all major athletics meetings worldwide have been held on elastic rubber floor coverings (often referred to as Tartan tracks, although Tartan does not refer to the actual track material, but rather a well-established product brand). From the outset, the ‘Rekortan’ running track brand established itself as a benchmark in top-class sport.

Today, more than half of all Diamond League stadiums are equipped with Polytan and/or Rekortan synthetic surfaces. This is mainly due to their excellent sports properties, such as maximum acceleration and optimum shock-absorption values.

Preparing the optimum surface for track and field athletes

Polytan provides elastic synthetic surfaces for athletics facilities based on the sport-specific functional requirement: waterproof, in situ poured and water permeable, and structural spray-coated sports floorings. Local climatic conditions also play a role when selecting an outdoor sports surface.

For official, globally recognised athletics events, all Polytan synthetic surfaces can be certified in accordance with World Athletics requirements. In addition to classic brick red, they are also available in numerous UV-stable colours. These days, the trend is towards intense, bright colours, such as the famous Hertha blue of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. Polytan synthetic surfaces are also available as sports hall floors.

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Products for athletics

Leichtathletik auf Rekortan M


The hallmarks of the fast synthetic rubber Rekortan M covering are its excellent acceleration and tread elasticity, as well as its superb sport-related medical shock absorption. Unlike Rektoran M, Rekortan M Indoor is constructed with a sports floor structure with EPDM rubber granulate.

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Leichtathletik auf Tartan Gold


The Tartan GOLD multilayer cast covering is recommended for athletics stadiums and competitive tracks. It is particularly durable and known for its consistently good shock-absorption values. This is thanks to the combination construction method comprising a full PU surface covering and a damping compensation layer.

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Leichtathletik auf Spurtan SL

Rekortan SES / Rekortan SL

The water-permeable, all-round sports flooring for outdoor use is designed for high-use sports facilities with professional training requirements. The Rekortan SES structural spray-coated covering is recommended for running tracks, run-up tracks and athletics facilities. Rekortan SL is ideal for the stress zones of such tracks.

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Rekortan GEL GT

Rekortan Gel GT

Environmental protection and sustainability have arrived in athletics stadiums! Rekortan GEL GT is our first running track surface made of renewable raw materials, and is certified by World Athletics for professional athletics. In other words, Green Technology and high performance are no longer mutually exclusive! The PU technology ensures optimal shock absorption – a must for fast acceleration. The gel properties of the material level out any irregularities during installation, resulting in a completely level running track surface. The cover layer guarantees high spike-resistance and excellent colour stability.

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Leichtathletik auf Rekortan PUR


Always the right choice, Rekortan PUR is not only an outdoor sports surface but also great for achieving the best times in demanding professional and amateur sports in indoor settings. High-speed sports flooring must demonstrate maximum acceleration and be perfectly suited for spikes.

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Leichtathletik auf Spurtan WS

Rekortan BS / Rekortan B2S

Our structural spray-coated rubber floor coverings for outdoor use, Rekortan BS and Rekortan B2S, are particularly economical, water-permeable solutions suitable for athletics stadiums, as well as school sports and multipurpose facilities.

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rekortan as a2s gt makro web 1600x1200

Rekortan AS GT / A2S GT

Rekortan AS GT and A2S GT provide a viable alternative to athletic running surfaces with conventional spray coatings. The water-permeable system is exceptionally well-suited for competitive running and, as a water-based spray coated-surface, it is yet another environmentally friendly running track product in our Green Technology portfolio.

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Leichtathletik auf Re-topping System


Polytan provides two re-topping systems in its range, which can be installed on existing outdoor sports coverings. The Rekortan in situ poured sports floor covering as a PUR coating with EPDM granules, and the structural spray-coated Rekortan BS textured sports floor covering as a spray coating.

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PolySeal: Protective surface sealing for synthetic surface coverings

Synthetic surface coverings in sports facilities are exposed to numerous types of wear. For example, granulate can break out in some places and contaminate or bleach the surfaces. Protection can be provided with PolySeal surface finish sealing, an abrasion-resistant PU coating that can also be applied to textured, spike-suitable synthetic tracks.

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Polytan SMART

Polytan SMART is an intelligent solution for performance diagnostics for classic running disciplines, as well as long jump and pole vault. It eliminates the need for complex technical designs, as the timing gates (magnetic barriers) are invisibly integrated into the running track. In combination with a body sensor and analysis software via PC or app, all relevant performance data from the athletes can be accurately recorded and analysed.

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