Poligras TeamPlay

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Poligras TeamPlay

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With over 1.25 million filaments per square metre, Poligras TeamPlay opens up new dimensions in hockey. The extremely thick and uniform multidirectional surface of the water-based turf system takes ball-rolling accuracy and speed to a new level, allowing for a fast-paced, precise game. Meanwhile, Polytan’s PreciTex technology ensures exceptional turf volume and extreme durability. Despite its robustness, Poligras TeamPlay provides a soft playing surface that not only feels pleasant, but also reduces the risk of injury among players. Thanks to Polytan CoolPlus technology, the turf does not overheat. This ensures cooler temperatures on the pitch, even under intense sunlight, while reducing water consumption. Like all hockey turf products from Polytan, Poligras TeamPlay meets all the international requirements of the International Hockey Federation (FIH).


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