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Polytan’s “Green Technology” marks out a new generation of highly developed products that combine cutting-edge technological expertise from the plastics industry with the functional and ecological benefits of renewable raw materials or alternative technologies that protect the climate.

Green Technology, Green Technology
Green Technology, Green Technology
Green Technology, Green Technology
Green Technology
Green Technology, Green Technology


Since 1969 our name has been synonymous with uncompromising quality and functionality when it comes to synthetic sports surfaces. Polytan has always attached great importance to sustainability and a low environmental impact. As a responsible full-service provider, we ensure the appropriate and conscientious use of resources at each step in the life cycle – from the selection of raw materials through production, installation, use and maintenance, to disposal and recycling. Our certified environmental management, in accordance with ISO 140001 since 2015, underlines this claim.


The future of plastic is renewable

In line with the objectives of the EU Commission’s strategy for a plastics and bio-based economy, we are also working hard on researching the use of bioplastics and CO2-based plastics, which are already usefully supplementing our oil-based product portfolio and, in the long term, may even gradually replace it. We are working on this initiative together with leading companies from around the world such as Braskem, Covestro and the infill specialist Melos who, just like Polytan, is part of the Sport Group GmbH.

Green Technology, Green Technology

Bio-based plastic for artificial turf

Braskem, the largest manufacturer of bioplastics, and Polytan develop sustainable synthetic turf together. Martin Clemesha from Braskem’s Marketing & Product Management team explains what these green plastics are all about, how they differ from biodegradable plastics and what role they will play in the future.

Incorporating recycled plastics

Apart from bio-based products, Polytan has been following another path to increase sustainability and lower its environmental impact since 2021: PCR (post-consumer recycling) – recycling plastics that have been used previously. These materials are returned to the plastic cycle and incorporated into some of our synthetic turf systems in the form of recycled granules.

Artificial turf recycling

As the German market leader in synthetic turf systems, Polytan and its parent company Sport Group is also committed to being a trailblazer in terms of the environment. Our sister company FormaTurf, for example, was recently established to allow us to markedly enhance our sustainability strategy.
Multisport, Athletic

Rekortan AS GT


Green Technology, Green Technology

Rekortan GEL GT


Green Technology, Green Technology

LigaTurf Cross GTR

Renewable raw materials and
recycled materials combined

Green Technology, Green Technology
Football, Rugby, American Football

LigaTurf Cross GT zero


Green Technology, Green Technology
Fall protection

PolyPlay FSI GT


Green Technology, Green Technology

Natural infills. Natural playing experience.

Synthetic turf systems can be equipped with different infills depending on the type of sport and preferred play properties. We offer systems that are filled with sand and elastic infill granules, sand and cork or other natural infill materials, or only quartz sand. The infill ensures an authentic feel, grip and traction during fast changes of speed and direction, optimal ball rolling behaviour and a high level of player protection.

Green Technology, Green Technology


Cork is a natural, renewable material that is also suited to use as infill for synthetic turf pitches. It boasts good cushioning properties and is applied over a layer of sand. What’s more, the odourless material obtained from the bark of cork oak and is completely biodegradable.

Green Technology, Green Technology


Synthetic turf filled with BrockFILL feels like natural turf and falls within the optimal traction range. The infill material meets the requirements of the FIFA quality programme for synthetic turf systems, as well as those of World Rugby.

Green Technology, Green Technology

Mineral Infill

You find it on almost every synthetic turf pitch: the mineral filling material sand, or specifically quartz sand. The quartz sand we use and that is monitored according to EN 15330-1 features a defined quality and particle size.



A unique blend of olive pits and cork. This mix ensures the infill is 100 % organic and free from microplastics. It combines the benefits of both materials, while compensating for the drawbacks. The result: a well-rounded infill with the perfect balance of elasticity, density, compactness, durability and wear-resistance.

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