PolySeal – Top coat for structured surfaces

PolySeal - Top coat for structured surfaces

Daily use of running tracks and sports surfaces, and especially use of them for non-intended purposes – e. g. for concerts and events – can cause the surface to become damaged. Continued use in particular of already damaged surfaces may then cause the granulate to further break loose. With PolySeal Top coat, Polytan offers an option for providing running tracks and sports surfaces with effective protection. PolySeal leaves the original properties of synthetic surfaces unaffected and their quality unaltered. Top coats are low-viscosity, abrasion-resistant PU coatings. These are either sprayed or rolled onto the existing synthetic surface, meaning that even structured surfaces present no problem. In addition to enhanced abrasion resistance, Polytan Polyseal Top coats offer reduced dirt absorption by synthetic surfaces, meaning less time needs to be spent cleaning them. Additional UV protection achieves optical improvement of running tracks. Top coats are either applied directly to new systems, or can also be applied to existing systems subsequently.


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