Optimum grip and excellent damping - the ideal surface for any tennis court

The success story of modern tennis began in Wimbledon in 1877, when today’s rules were set out as part of the first tennis tournament. The demands on the body and mind are immense in tennis – Grand Slam matches regularly exceed the five-hour mark and demand patience, fitness and a clear head from players. The sport is also technically demanding, and different tennis coverings influence the character of the match. The sport is popular with amateurs, and tennis courts come equipped with specially developed surfaces.

Optimal tennis court construction with artificial turf

Sand, grass, turf, carpet and concrete have long been among the different tennis court surfaces around the world. Tennis court surfaces differ significantly depending on the surface, affecting ball bounce, speed, damping and slipping, among others. Tradition and climate can influence surface selection; while sand courts, natural grass and synthetic turf are the preferred playing fields in Europe, acrylic sports covering systems are well established in North America and Australia. In April 2020 Sport Group was awarded a five-year contract to equip the US Open tennis courts with Laykold Acrylic tennis surface systems.

Bodenbeläge für Tennis

Products for Tennis

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Poligras Terra CoolPlus, a short pile height synthetic turf system filled with sand, is perfectly suited for synthetic turf tennis courts. Its benefits include a soft turf carpet, permanent crimping of the turf blades and reduced care and maintenance.

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PolyCoat: The sustainable PU coating for synthetic turf

In order to firmly secure and stabilise the filament studs in the synthetic turf throughout its service life, the rear side of a turf carpet is usually coated with latex. A PU coating is even more functional, environmentally friendly and recyclable.


Made in Germany - inspired by europe

We see success as a responsibility: for the consistent quality of our products. For our customers’ investment in our products. For our employees. And last but not least, for the protection of our environment. We develop and manufacture in Germany, but Polytan employees from all over Europe are dedicated to the same goal – to prepare the perfect sports surface for you and your team.

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