Poligras Mega CoolPlus

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Poligras Mega CoolPlus

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With Poligras Mega CoolPlus, Polytan has developed a fully synthetic turf system that meets all the requirements of a professional hockey pitch. It provides a dense and even surface which means that ball rolling behaviour is not distorted by directional factors, allowing players to play a fast and accurate game. The special texturing process preserves the exceptional volume and resilience of Poligras Mega CoolPlus. In spite of its robustness, the turf is extremely soft and feels pleasant to the skin. As a result, it is also used for football in multifunctional facilities. The Polytan CoolPlus function also ensures that the synthetic material does not heat up too quickly or excessively, even in strong sunlight. This also reduces water consumption. More than half of the clubs in the German hockey league rely on Poligras Mega CoolPlus. Just like all the hockey pitch products from Polytan it meets the international requirements of the International Hockey Federation (FIH).
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