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LigaTurf Cross

LigaTurf Product brand


Everyone’s talking about hybrid technology, which makes it possible to achieve additional benefits through the symbiosis of varying material properties in products that are already successfully established. Following nature’s example, we develop our products in such a way that they adapt beautifully to new requirements. The new Polytan LigaTurf Cross turf is the best evidence of this; it combines smooth with textured filaments. The benefits of both turf types come together to create an ideal football turf. The straight LigaTurf RS+ CP filaments mean users of the LigaTurf Cross experience the look and feel of a real football turf that is already successfully in use in professional sport worldwide. At the same time, thanks to the textured filaments of the LigaGrass Pro CP, the system offers easy and reduced care and maintenance, better infill stabilisation and greater turf volume.


  • ENTANGLEMENT Technology

    ENTANGLEMENT Technology

    High resistance against wear and soft filaments
  • CoolPlus


    Reflects infra-red radiation, providing a cooler surface
  • 100 % PE formulation

    100 % PE formulation

    Exclusive PE formulation
  • TwinTuft Technology

    TwinTuft Technology

    Combination of smooth and textured turf filaments
  • BiColour


    Two-tone filaments for an even more natural appearance
  • RAL-tested


    100 % quality control through neutral testing institute
  • Performance


    Suitable for club sports and municipal facilities
  • Professional


    Suitable for stadiums and professional sports
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