Rekortan AS GT

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Rekortan AS GT

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With Rekortan AS GT, we offer a real alternative to running track surfaces with conventional poured coatings. The permeable system fulfils all the requirements for competitive running tracks and multi-purpose facilities. Rekortan AS GT is a water-based, spray-coated surface, making it yet another environmentally friendly running track product in our Green Technology portfolio. The innovative multisport surface is not only quick to install, but thanks to its optimised formula, can also visually highlight your running track: Rekortan AS GT is the first ever surface without a poured coating available in our special colour chili red, as well as the standard blue colours without additional sealing. UV-sensitive colours, such as blue tones, can now be installed without additional sealing, thanks to an optimised product formula. This not only saves time, but money as well.
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