These sports surfaces can handle everything:
From mini-pitch to club pitch

Multisport playing fields are particularly important in amateur and school sports, as well as on municipal facilities, where teams from different sports have to share a sports surface. Synthetic turf pitches must be truly multifunctional and suitable for many sports, such as football, tennis, field hockey and other ball sports. The cost of a multisport pitch is not always the major factor here; often it is the available space.

Multisport pitches are real all-rounders

Sports surface on which different sports are played must fulfill a wide range of requirements, both in terms of playing comfort and protection against injuries. Multisport facilities are generally highly frequented synthetic turf pitches or mini-pitches that place high demands on resistance and durability.
If the outdoor floor covering is located in a public, freely accessible place, then easy maintenance and care are key for clubs, cities and municipalities. Construction spaces for sports facilities are rare in densely built-up city centres, and a synthetic turf pitch or synthetic field with a high intensity of use is the perfect solution.


Products for Multisport

Kunstrasen für Multisport LigaTurf Motion


Anyone looking to purchase a football turf with excellent playing properties (even without infill) should look no further than LigaTurf Motion. It’s all possible thanks to an artificial turf structure that combines three different yarns in a single synthetic turf.

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Kunstrasen für den Multisport LigaGrass Pro


LigaGrass Pro, with its crimped filaments, is the best selection for all synthetic turf pitches that are subject to particularly intensive use – such as mini-pitches, school grounds and training facilities. Not only does it have low maintenance costs, but it also holds the infill well in the ground.

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Kunstrasen für den Multisport PoliGras Terra


The sand-filled Poligras Terra CoolPlus is an all-rounder in synthetic turf sports field construction. The properties of this field hockey surface covering include a particularly soft turf carpet, permanent crimping of the turf blades and reduced care and maintenance requirements for the entire synthetic turf system.

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Kunststoffbelag für den Multisport PolyPlay S

PolyPlay S

The water-permeable, two-layer PolyPlay S is suitable for outdoor all-weather pitches. The durable multipurpose rubber covering guarantees excellent ball-bounce behavior, thanks to its smooth, seamless surface, while the top layer is non-slip and dries out quickly after rainfall.

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Kunstrasen für Multisport LigaGrass Synergy


Highly reduced infill, less care and low maintenance – these are the main benefits of the LigaGrass Synergy synthetic turf, which is particularly suitable for multisport facilities. It gains its unique properties by combining two different textured fibre types in one system.

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Kunstrasen für den Multisport PoliGras Mega


Poligras Mega CoolPlus is the most suitable sports floor covering for synthetic turf pitches where hockey is practiced (among other sports). Its dense and even surface structure allows for rapid and precise moves, without distorting directional effects.

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poligras superplay with sand

POLIGRAS Superplay

A versatile multi-sport turf that is suitable for various types of sport, thanks to its soft touch and high resistance. Special filaments offer the basic qualities of a sand-filled turf. It is highly durable and incredible soft, reducing the risk of injury while making for a realistic feel, rivalling that of an unfilled pitch.

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Kunststoffbelag für den Multisport PolyPlay SE

PolyPlay SE

A weather-resistant all-rounder for school sports, PolyPlay SE is mostly used for recreational facilities where ball sports are played. Like the PolyPlay S sports floor covering, it is non-slip and demonstrates excellent ball-bouncing behaviour, but unlike the SE version it consists of a single layer and does not have a base layer.

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The infill and/or filling material ensures optimal playing properties and protects players and athletes against injury.

Polytan Landingpage Rugby


Fusion GT infill enables us to provide a powerful and sustainable filling in our Green Technology range, which combines high-quality EPDM rubber granulate with components made from fast-growing raw materials. This provides optimum playing properties and player protection, natural climate regulation and a long service life.

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PolyCoat: The sustainable PU coating for synthetic turf

In order to firmly secure and stabilise the filament studs in the synthetic turf throughout its service life, the rear side of a turf carpet is usually coated with latex. A PU coating is even more functional, environmentally friendly and recyclable.


PolySeal: Protective surface sealing for synthetic surface coverings

Synthetic surface coverings in sports facilities are exposed to numerous types of wear. For example, granulate can break out in some places and contaminate or bleach the surfaces. Protection can be provided with PolySeal surface finish sealing, an abrasion-resistant PU coating that can also be applied to textured, spike-suitable synthetic tracks.

Polytan SMART

Polytan SMART enables precise performance diagnostics for footballers, hockey players and rugby players, as well as for athletes of other types of sports. All essential parameters can be accurately measured and evaluated with the system, including agility tests. This is all taken care of thanks to the interaction of three components: magnetic barriers (timing gates) positioned in or on the artificial turf, hip belts with body sensors and analysis software via PC or app.


Made in Germany - inspired by europe

We see success as a responsibility: for the consistent quality of our products. For our customers’ investment in our products. For our employees. And last but not least, for the protection of our environment. We develop and manufacture in Germany, but Polytan employees from all over Europe are dedicated to the same goal – to prepare the perfect sports surface for you and your team.


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