LigaTurf Legend Pro

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LigaTurf Legend Pro

LigaTurf Product brand


LigaTurf Legend Pro is a real powerhouse when it comes to performance: With its entirely redeveloped multi-shape filament cross-section, LigaTurf Legend Pro football turf achieves optimum fibre resilience. As a result, it offers perfect sport-specific performance – as shown by the turf’s certification in accordance with various international standards. The newly designed cross-section also achieves ball rolling and play properties similar to those achieved with natural grass. Visually, the larger filament width provides good coverage and – together with the BiColour design – ensures that the playing field looks fresh and natural. The high wear protection of the filaments has been verified in extensive laboratory tests, and ensures the required sustainability. The use of balanced turf designs and the Polytan system structure mean that athletes always feel at home on the turf.

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