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The popularity of American football in North America is evident during the annual National Football League final, one of the biggest global individual sporting events in the world. On average, 111 million US spectators follow the Super Bowl, and 800 million viewers worldwide. American football was originally created from a mixture of rugby and football. From 1869, the sport developed into an independent team sport at the universities of the East Coast states. According to the NFL/College rules, an American football pitch has to be 120 yards long and 53⅓ yards wide.

Synthetic turf for American football is well damped, non-slip and skin-friendly

An American football field is made of natural grass or synthetic turf. As American football is a fairly rough sport, all 22 players wear a helmet and padding. Our American football pitches also provide protection to the players. As an experienced synthetic turf manufacturer, we designed these synthetic turf structures so that they are optimally suited to sports with a high level of ground contact, with their good damping, skin-friendly properties and slip resistance, as well as having a pile height of 60mm. A filling of sand and rubber granulate ensures perfect shock absorption, and is the ideal prerequisite for a fast match of quick turning movements and rough tackling.

American Football on synthetic turf

Products for American Football

American Football on synthetic turf LigaTurf RS+

LigaTurf RS+

Our LigaTurf RS+, the successful turf for demanding footballers, is also perfectly suited to an American football pitch. The smooth rhombus-shaped turf filaments are characterised by a high degree of recovery capacity, while being soft on contact with skin.

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American Football on synthetic turf LigaTurf Cross

LigaTurf Cross R

Combining textured and smooth filaments in one system enables LigaTurf Cross Rartificial turf to be the best of two worlds. Textured filaments make American football pitches robust and easy to care for and maintain, while smooth fibres provide them with optimal playing properties.

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Infill for artificial turf

The infill and/or filling material ensures optimal playing properties and protects players and athletes against injury.



Cork is a natural, renewable material that is also suited to use as infill for synthetic turf pitches. It boasts good cushioning properties and is applied over a layer of sand. What’s more, the odourless material obtained from the bark of cork oak and is completely biodegradable.

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Olive Pits

Olive Pits

Infill made of shredded olive pits is a sustainable alternative to rubber granules. This infill also meets the requirements of the circular economy and, like cork and BrockFILL, is compostable.

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Synthetic turf filled with BrockFILL feels like natural turf and falls within the optimal traction range. The infill material meets the requirements of the FIFA quality programme for synthetic turf systems, as well as those of World Rugby.

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Mineral Infill

You find it on almost every synthetic turf pitch: the mineral filling material sand, or specifically quartz sand. The quartz sand we use and that is monitored according to EN 15330-1 features a defined quality and particle size.

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American Football, American Football on synthetic turf

PolyCoat: The sustainable PU coating for synthetic turf

In order to firmly secure and stabilise the filament studs in the synthetic turf throughout its service life, the rear side of a turf carpet is usually coated with latex. A PU coating is even more functional, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Polytan SMART

Polytan SMART for synthetic turf enables precise performance diagnostics for footballers, hockey players and rugby players, as well as for athletes of other types of grass sports. All essential parameters can be accurately measured and evaluated with the system, including agility tests. This is all taken care of thanks to the interaction of three components: magnetic barriers (timing gates) positioned in or on the artificial turf, hip belts with body sensors and analysis software via PC or app.


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