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Poligras SuperPlay

Poligras SuperPlay

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The secret to Poligras SuperPlay is in its filaments, which were developed specifically for the turf to offer vital performance characteristics that make all the difference when it comes to sand-dressed hockey pitches: Thanks to their 100 % PE composition, they are both super soft and extremely durable. The soft surface is pleasant to the touch and reduces the risk of injury. The high filament density makes for a realistic feel, rivalling that of an unfilled pitch. Another special feature is the BiColour design option: filaments in two different shades of green give Poligras SuperPlay an attractive, natural look. Meanwhile, Polytan’s PreciTex technology ensures a uniform texture and coverage. On hot days, Polytan’s CoolPlus function keeps the pitch comfortably cool: pigments ingrained in the surface of the fibres reflect infrared heat to reduce the surface temperature.  


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