LigaTurf Cross GTzero

LigaTurf Cross GTzero

LigaTurf Product brand


With the LigaTurf Cross GT, Polytan is offering the first CO2-neutral football pitch for professional and amateur sports. Without sacrificing durability and performance characteristics, Polytan has created a product that combines the challenges of environmental sustainability, climate compatibility and player demands. The LigaTurf Cross GTzero is derived from the successful LigaTurf Cross product line, whose product launch in 2016 revolutionised the football pitch. For the first time, one turf system has incorporated the needs of municipal and private investors and the requirements of players and users. The combination of crimped LigaGrass Pro filaments with Polytan PreciTex technology and the smooth LigaTurf RS+ filament, which is considered the benchmark for football turf filaments, made it a real bestseller in the Polytan portfolio. This did not escape the notice of our competitors and made the LigaTurf Cross the most copied turf variety after the LigaTurf RS+. The reasons for its success are, in addition to the natural grass-like appearance and the perfect playing characteristics, simplified maintenance, approx. 50 percent lower use of rubber granulate and improved retention of the infill granules in the turf system. Clubs with a LigaTurf Cross football turf therefore have had the best arguments in the current debate about the discharge of rubber granules. Find out more about our Green Technology!


  • ENTANGLEMENT Technology

    ENTANGLEMENT Technology

    High resistance against wear and soft filaments
  • CoolPlus


    Reflects infra-red radiation, providing a cooler surface
  • SharkSkin Technology

    SharkSkin Technology

    Smoother surface, reduced glare and a more natural look
  • TwinTuft Technology

    TwinTuft Technology

    Combination of smooth and textured turf filaments
  • BiColour


    Two-tone filaments for an even more natural appearance
  • Green Technology

    Green Technology

    Sustainable and climate-friendly technologies and services for sports surfaces
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Please click here for further information about the LigaTurf Cross GTzero 

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