Synthetic surface systems are complex superstructures in which different materials are combined to create a surface that is ideally suited to the desired application, depending on the requirements. Polytan synthetic surfaces may be water-permeable or waterproof, pour-coated or granulated, and solid or multi-layer. Whatever the design, it is always installed as a seamless, secure structure. Polytan synthetic surfaces are generally installed on an asphalt base layer, which again sits on an additional, unbound base layer and – where applicable – a filter layer.


Synthetic surfaces from Polytan are tried-and-tested, high-performance products that have been in use worldwide for decades – in professional competitive stadiums, on club pitches and in recreational sport As a result of the system structure Polytan employs, its products offer fantastic sports-specific properties, as well as high load-bearing capacity and long product lifecycles – tried and tested, and certified in accordance with all the usual standards.



High variability is ensured by the structure of the overall floor system. The base layer below the surface provides the desired absorption and elasticity. The durability of the athletics floors is ensured by their temperature and UV stability, colour-fastness, abrasion resistance and tensile strength.

The surface coating consists of premium EPDM granules, in either a smooth or structured design. The coating’s structure and thickness as well as form, quantity and how the granules are interspersed play a crucial role in the sport-related functional properties, such as energy enhancement and shock absorption.

Structured surface
Smooth surface
Base layer



We offer waterproof and water-permeable, structured running track surfaces for use in international competitions and for training facilities for competitive clubs and sports colleges as well as for municipal sports facilities. They are characterised by energy-enhancing tread elasticity. These running track surfaces are tested and therefore certifiable for competitions according to the requirements, amongst others, of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).


Durable, multifunctional sports surfaces are suitable for mass, school and community sports facilities. The water-permeable Polytan multi-purpose surfaces (PolyPlay S and SE) with a smooth surface are mainly used for ball sports and leisure activities. Their main advantages lie in low maintenance, but also high wear protection. In addition, they dry off quickly and so can be used as year-round, all-weather pitches. Structured surfaces (Rekortan B2S, BS and Rekortan M) are also used for school sports facilities with running tracks.



PolyPlay FS GT / PolyPlay FS Nature & Fun is our impact-absorbent product, with a different installation thickness to achieve the required cushioning, for example for children’s playgrounds. The impact-absorbent systems are water-permeable with a smooth surface and are used mainly in playgrounds, nursery schools and amusement parks. In order to give planners and architects virtually free rein to exercise their creativity, we offer a wide range of standard colours.


Polytan GYM sports flooring creates the ideal conditions for indoor sports – whether for school sports, children’s gymnastics or international indoor tournaments. They also provide optimum safety and protect athletes from injuries and strain. With GYM Point, GYM Area and GYM Combi, Polytan offers three different sports flooring systems. Each are adjusted to fit different purposes and requirements and ensure maximum athletic functionality.

Polytan GYM Point


Sestriere Sports Centre, Sestriere, Italy, Rekortan M

Sestriere Sports Centre, Sestriere

Wildpark Stadium Karlsruher SC, Karlsruhe

Wildpark Stadium Karlsruher SC, Karlsruhe

hclg leipzig - Poligras Tokyo GT

HCLG Leipzig, Leipzig


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We see success as a responsibility: for the consistent quality of our products. For our customers’ investment in our products. For our employees. And last but not least, for the protection of our environment. We develop and manufacture in Germany, but Polytan employees from all over Europe are dedicated to the same goal – to prepare the perfect sports surface for you and your team.



The surface can be damaged by daily and extraordinary use of running tracks and sports surfaces. PolySeal from Polytan offers the possibility of effectively protecting it by means of a top coat.


Increasing numbers of athletes are relying on the possibilities afforded by digital performance diagnostics to optimise their performance. SmarTracks systems from Polytan can be integrated into the sports pitch with little effort.


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