Hornnes Idrettspark

Evje og Hornnes
July 2016

Polytan WSS, an all-round surface, has been installed on all the red running and run-up tracks in the Hornnes Idrettspark. The 15 mm thick synthetic coating is water-permeable, allowing rainwater to also drain away vertically. As the main sprint track, lane number four has undersoil heating to keep it free of ice and snow all year. The structure of the seventh, green “jogging lane” was installed in line with the specific requirements of the customer, who wanted a springy base for daily running, sprinting and speed-strength training.
The bottom elastic layer of this soft track is between 25 and 30 millimetres thick and was made from newly manufactured running track granules. The second, middle layer, a 10-11 millimetre synthetic coating made from Poly-tan SE in “reseda green”, comes next and is topped off by the final layer, a 2-3 millimetre spray coating of the water-permeable all-rounder Polytan WS, likewise in reseda green.
These training conditions are unique in Norway and can be attributed to the commitment of national coach Olav M. Tveitå. He is particularly thrilled by the success of the green track: “Professional and amateur athletes alike are delighted and put in 90 per cent of their training on it.”

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