The range of artificial turf systems is particularly wide. Many clubs, cities and municipalities rely on artificial turf because it can be used in almost any weather and is easy to maintain. It consists of an elastic base layer, the turf carpet and the infill. This filling of the turf carpet may consist of sand, a sand/cork mixture or a sand/granulate mixture. Unfilled artificial turf systems are also increasingly common in football. The customer can choose freely.

The right synthetic turf for everyone

Whether it’s football, rugby, American football or hockey, Polytan synthetic turf systems have become established in modern ball sports and have been successfully used in stadiums, tennis centres and clubs for many years. With our wide range of products, we offer perfect solutions with optimum play properties for every demand and every budget – from multi-purpose pitches for amateur clubs through to premier league stadiums.


THE artificial TURF SYSTEM

The Polytan Anti-Compaction System (ACS) is a precisely defined combination of a artificial turf surface, infill granules and an elastic layer. The respective combination significantly influences desired playing properties as well as the durability and longevity of the system.

Polytan Kunstrasen
Turf filaments
Elastic (base) layer



Synthetic turf systems in the LigaTurf product range all feature smooth filaments and are filled with sand and granules. They are pleasantly soft and provide a natural experience for the players with optimum rolling and rebound properties for football, rugby and American football, even for professional teams. LigaTurf synthetic turf systems have been awarded the relevant certificates by international sports federations such as FIFA and World Rugby.


The global Polytan Group will bundle its leading hockey products under the Poligras brand name and will become a licensed Preferred Supplier of the International Hockey Federation (FIH). The dense and even surface of the unfilled Polytan full artificial  turf systems allows for fast and precise play. Depending on the fill height, as a sand-filled variant Poligras is suitable for hockey, tennis and multi-sport facilities.


Polytan artificial turf systems with textured filaments are particularly suitable for public or municipal sports facilities. They allow intensive use and deliver a high level of availability with reduced maintenance costs. The texturised structure efficiently holds sand and infill in place and ensures constant volume. Depending on the product, texturised turfs are suitable for football, hockey or tennis and have been awarded the relevant certificates by international sports federations, e.g. FIFA or the International Tennis Federation (ITF).




Cork is a natural, renewable material that is also suited to use as infill for synthetic turf pitches. It boasts good cushioning properties and is applied over a layer of sand. What’s more, the odourless material obtained from the bark of cork oak and is completely biodegradable.

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Mineral Infill

You find it on almost every synthetic turf pitch: the mineral filling material sand, or specifically quartz sand. The quartz sand we use and that is monitored according to EN 15330-1 features a defined quality and particle size.

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Synthetic turf filled with BrockFILL feels like natural turf and falls within the optimal traction range. The infill material meets the requirements of the FIFA quality programme for synthetic turf systems, as well as those of World Rugby.

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A unique blend of olive pits and cork. This mix ensures the infill is 100 % organic and free from microplastics. It combines the benefits of both materials, while compensating for the drawbacks. The result: a well-rounded infill with the perfect balance of elasticity, density, compactness, durability and wear-resistance.

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Infill FAQ

The two main reasons are player comfort and the stability of the blades. In addition to the elastic base layer, the infill ensures the pitch has good absorption and traction properties. The risk of injury is reduced. Depending on the infill, the rolling and bouncing properties of the ball are comparable to those of a natural turf pitch in good condition. The infill ensures that the turf carpet always stands upright and lies evenly even under high loads and that it does not become flat in the stress zones (such as the goal area or the centre circle), preventing proper play.

There are different types of infill: A sand-only infill is the cheapest type and the simplest from a technical perspective. However, a pitch filled with sand does not offer the same playing comfort as a pitch filled with cork or granules. Both are applied to the sand layer. The advantage of cork: It offers much more suspension comfort than a pitch filled with sand alone. However, cork is a very light material, which can float during heavy rain and must then be put back into place. Polytan prevents this floating with a certain weave of the carpet blade. Texturing simply means a crimping of the blades, which act like a kind of net and curb the floating of the cork. The third infill option is BrockFILL. The pitch is structured in the same way as a system filled with sand or sand and cork, i.e. an elastic, water-permeable layer on a gravel/grit mixture on which the turf carpet is then laid. Here, too, a sand layer is filled first, onto which the BrockFILL is then spread.

The advantage of BrockFILL lies in its properties. BrockFILL attracts water – the particles absorb rainwater and condensation. The absorbed moisture is then gradually released for cooling. BrockFILL becomes heavier when wet so it does not float and is not washed away from the sports ground in heavy rain. Synthetic turf filled with BrockFILL feels like natural turf and falls within the optimal traction range. The infill material meets the requirements of the FIFA quality programme for synthetic turf systems, as well as those of World Rugby. Another sustainable alternative is infill with olive pits.

The following applies to all granules on Polytan pitches: If something does end up being discharged from the pitch, it can be swept up and either re-spread or disposed of. Although 70% of the granules are made from natural raw materials and are absolutely non-toxic, they are considered to be microplastics by law. Whatever infill material our customers choose, with modern structural measures, we can protect the environment and create maximum play comfort. With our innovative filter systems, such as the Hauraton channel, we are able to reduce the discharge of granules into the environment to almost zero. It is also possible to replace the granulate without having to replace the entire pitch.

Hockey pitches generally do not require an infill. The turf is more tightly woven and much shorter than football pitches and is therefore tailored to the requirements of the sport. Polytan now also offers football turf with little or no infill.


Campo de Fútbol Municipal de Alcañiz

Campo de Fútbol Municipal, Alcañiz

St. Andrew’s School, Bloemfontein

St. Andrew’s School, Bloemfontein

Campo da Hockey Amsicora

Campo da Hockey Amsicora, Cagliari


Made in Germany - inspired by europe

We see success as a responsibility: for the consistent quality of our products. For our customers’ investment in our products. For our employees. And last but not least, for the protection of our environment. We develop and manufacture in Germany, but Polytan employees from all over Europe are dedicated to the same goal – to prepare the perfect sports surface for you and your team.



Synthetic turf systems can be equipped with different sustainable and natural infills depending on the type of sport and preferred play properties.


The Polytan PolyBase GT combines the well-known benefits of in-situ elastic layers with the environmental benefits of a recycled product and a revolutionary new technology for carbon dioxide utilisation.


When it comes to our synthetic turf systems, the comfort and protection of the players are just as important as usage aspects and sustainability.


Better functionality, longer service life, simpler recycling and less material used: The new PolyCoat coating technology with TuftGuard function.


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