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McArena outdoor sports halls: Bring the outside indoors!

McArena outdoor sports halls: Bring the outside indoors!

Exercising in the fresh air is healthy – everybody agrees on that. But is it really so fun having a kick about in the slush or drizzle on a frozen football pitch on those bleak autumn and winter days? It might strengthen the immune system but it certainly requires some motivation. The solution for all outdoor sports fans who do not feel the need for musty, often overheated indoor sports facilities? McArena outdoor sports halls. By the end of 2018 and over the last five years, sixteen halls have been built throughout Germany, while many more are planned for 2019, including in Hamburg. The secret of their success can be summarised in four words: “Bring the outside indoors.” This means enjoying the advantages of an outdoor sports facility under a sheltered roof – all year round, with custom hall facilities.

Structurally, the multi-purpose halls consist of an open steel construction with a gabled roof and between one and three playing fields. Instead of closed-in walls, they feature low walls with floor-to-ceiling ball nets. The advantages of a sports hall: In addition to an extra dose of fresh air for the athletes, McArena outdoor sports halls are extremely economical thanks to their modular design, are suitable for numerous sports, can be transformed into event spaces, and score high with low operating and maintenance costs, and individually adapted sizes and hall facilities. Polytan sports surfaces guarantee optimal playability without risk of injury – both the LigaGrass Pro CoolPlus artificial grass system and the Poligras Mega CoolPlus artificial grass system can also be used as desired.

But first, let’s take a look at the economic concept behind McArena outdoor sports halls.    

The cost-effective alternative to sports hall construction

The demands that the developers placed on the McArena open-air sports hall were high: an economically sustainable concept had to be combined with a technically high-quality design. On one hand, these multi-purpose halls fulfil this requirement with their intelligent modular construction and on the other hand by the reduced range of hall types. In this way, the initial cost is only about 10 percent compared to existing outdoor hall concepts. In addition, the low space requirement and the short construction time of the outdoor sports facilities both contribute to their high economic efficiency: they are erected in just eight to ten weeks. Moreover, these sports halls are characterised by their high energy efficiency and low maintenance – they are non-heated and do not require any particularly time-consuming maintenance.

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Construction of a multi-purpose hall: barrier-free and usable for 14 hours a day

The durable, extremely robust structure of a McArena outdoor sports hall is made up of a high-quality, hot-dip galvanised steel construction. The weather-resistant, slightly inclined pitched roof provides protection against rain, snow and direct sunlight, along with a large 1.5-m roof overhang that protects the periphery of the multi-purpose hall. The surrounding, noise-reducing sandwich panels with a PU foam core, combined with tight-meshed ball-catch nets, form a closed cage which guarantees exciting gameplay without interruptions. Thanks to ball-proof LED lighting, the outdoor sports hall can be used day and night. Unrestricted accessibility for people with disabilities as well as access for paramedic stretchers complete the sophisticated hall concept.

A modular construction principle: using the sports halls

Hockey in the morning, volleyball in the afternoon and a Zumba class in the evening? And how about holding the annual summer party there at the weekend? No problem! McArena outdoor sports halls offer a diverse range of usage possibilities, and can be optimally adapted to the needs and requirements of the respective operator with the help of the modular system. In principle, they are available as one-field, two-field and three-field halls. LigaGrass Pro CoolPlus artificial grass and Poligras Mega CoolPlus artificial grass are both available as sports flooring variants.

The centrepiece of a McArena: the sports floor

LigaGrass Pro CoolPlus is an artificial turf system filled with infill granules that is especially designed for football and which has proven itself on mini pitches for many years. The textured turf fibres make the artificial turf durable and low-maintenance. On the other hand, Poligras Mega CoolPlus is an artificial grass without sand and rubber filling. Thanks to its dense and even surface, this type of artificial turf is great for hockey because it allows for fast and precise play. The CoolPlus function used in both floors protects the playing field from overheating on hot summer days, while an elastic layer provides optimal shock absorption. In addition, other ball sports such as rugby, lacrosse, etc. can be played on both systems. A modular plastic cover transforms the outdoor sports field into a resilient event space in an instant. Additional select features can be added to the new multi-purpose halls for ongoing operation.

Hall facilities with smart technology

To ensure players and spectators are always informed about the current score, the multi-purpose hall is equipped with a clearly visible, digital display board. It is controlled via a separate system, meaning goals and points can be counted at the push of a button. An audio and speaker system that is conveniently operated via smartphone or tablet provides the perfect background music, be it for an aerobics class or dance event. The sound system is designed so that noise remains within the outdoor hall, and neighbours remain largely undisturbed. A technical highlight of the hall facilities is the permanently installed speed measurement system above the goals: Using two laser measuring devices, it determines the speed of the ball and transfers the result to the digital display board – to the delight of players, spectators and coaches alike. Despite all the technical and structural features that a McArena has to offer, its construction and maintenance costs are kept within manageable, easily calculable limits.

Refinancing through a sophisticated operational concept

Those who wish to refinance the already low construction and maintenance costs can temporarily rent a McArena to external clubs, schools and companies or private sports groups. For this purpose, the open-air sports hall is equipped with a fully electronic system, which consists of an automated light and camera control system and an online booking and payment system. This not only minimises the administrative workload of external rentals, but also reduces the already very low operating costs of the sports facility.

McArena outdoor sports halls: conclusion

The numerous McArena outdoor sports halls in Germany have already demonstrated that weather-proof, multi-purpose halls with Polytan artificial grass are very popular among athletes. For sports clubs and communities alike, they provide the opportunity to create sustainable sports facilities at a low cost, all within a solid budget. And, with a huge lack of sports halls and available hall capacity in many locations, the demand for covered, multifunctional sports facilities is huge. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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