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Kaiserberg stadium, Linz am Rhein

Linz am Rhein
August 2020

Polytan LigaGrass Synergy in the Kaiserberg stadium in Linz am Rhein

A real jewel in the crown

The sports pitch in the Kaiserberg stadium was relaid with synthetic turf back in 2003. The resident football club VfB Linz has been training there for 17 years, with the various age-group teams also playing their home games on the pitch. Even the surrounding schools used the Kaiserberg intensively for their classes – which meant it suffered the corresponding wear and tear. The large playing field was therefore completely replaced in early 2020.

What was installed in its place was our LigaGrass Synergy with CoolPlus function, a synthetic turf system that combines two different types of fibre through a needle into a tuft. This combination of soft and flexible Synergy filaments with LigaGrass Pro filaments makes the LigaGrass Synergy the perfect turf system for extensive use in club and municipal sport. It’s a showcase project for Linz am Rhein, given that the Kaiserberg was one of the first pitches in Rhineland-Palatinate to be equipped with the new Polytan MultiTuft technology.

For ecological reasons a purely sand-filled version without synthetic fillers was laid. The underlying elastic base layer of the predecessor was still in good enough condition for improvements to be possible without the need to replace the entire surface. The main lines on the pitch are white, with markings of different colours for the different youth categories.

The renewal of the synthetic turf system was tied in with further redevelopment work. The running track around the pitch was replaced in the form of re-topping, with our Rekortan BS, the low-cost all-rounder for competition and training facilities, being installed. New arrivals included a high-jump mat and a ball stop fence as well as a basketball court at the upper end of the football pitch.

Linz town council, which owns the Kaiserberg stadium, provided around 300,000 euros in funding for the renewal of the synthetic turf surface and the running track and for the other extension and renovation measures. Not only are the players of VfB Linz looking forward to being able to use the revamped pitch soon, they also made a significant contribution to ensuring that the Kaiserberg has become a real jewel in the crown, putting some 1,000 hours of unpaid labour into the renovation.

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