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New synthetic pitch for FC Lichtental 1930 e.V.

New synthetic pitch for FC Lichtental 1930 e.V.

New synthetic pitch for FC Lichtental 1930 e.V.


A high level of environmental compatibility combined with state-of-the-art synthetic turf technology was recently provided for the amateur footballers of FC Lichtental 1930 e.V. When choosing its new pitch, the Baden-Baden football club consistently opted for leading products from Polytan: the LigaTurf Cross multifunctional synthetic turf system and the environmentally sustainable Polytan Fusion GT infill granules, both of which were newly developed in 2017.
With the new LigaTurf Cross football turf, Polytan has succeeded in intelligently combining two product worlds: synthetic turf systems with textured (crimped) filaments and synthetic turf systems with smooth filaments. The former are noted for their high cost-effectiveness, robustness and easy maintenance, whilst the latter enjoy great popularity among footballers because the ball roll behaviour it enables is similar to real grass. In addition, the CoolPlus function reflects UV rays and can thus be relied on to prevent the surface from overheating during matches on hot days. The bi-colour finish, in which light and dark green fibres are combined in one filament, gives the whole pitch a fresher appearance, just like real grass. Polytan can meet the demands of clubs for pitches with year-round availability and the requirements of players for the same level of comfort as on real grass with the LigaTurf Cross system.
Any synthetic turf is only as good as the selected infill, however. Officials at Baden-Baden Lichtental opted for the Polytan Fusion GT infill granules. This infill consists of a particularly environmentally friendly combination of high-quality rubber (EPDM) and a fast-growing renewable raw material. Not only does the fast-growing natural product used in this process have an excellent eco-balance, it also has a positive influence on the heat generation of the synthetic turf surface. This is down to the natural evaporative cooling system, which keeps the synthetic turf pleasantly cool even in high temperatures. The natural fibre content of the new Polytan Fusion GT infill means that it can absorb larger amounts of water and then release it evenly in the same way as a natural grass substrate. The light brown colour of the infill granules also contributes to the reduced heat generation on the synthetic turf and makes the whole pitch look fresher and more natural.

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