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Hall of Fame: Polytan is a Brand of the Century

It was a huge honour for Polytan – artificial turf, manufactured by Polytan under the Poligras and LigaTurf brands, was nominated for “Brand of the Century” by the Zeit publishing group.

Our customers highly appreciate Polytan’s commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. Yet when an independent jury of experts nominates Polytan’s artificial turf for “Brand of the Century”, it is really something extra special. That is why we were delighted that Polytan, with its Poligras and LigaTurf brands, was commended in the artificial turf category of the “GERMAN STANDARDS: Brands of the Century” awards.

Tempus Corporate, which is responsible for the competition in the Zeit publishing group, previously selected the candidates for the awards following a rigorous selection process. A review panel then proposed what it considered to be the best brands for specific categories. The next step was for the panel to assess the overall result and award points. Facts about the brand were added to the scoring and the results of the preliminary rounds were all documented in a “brand compendium”.

The jury, which is recruited from the editorial team of the brand compendium, therefore has a systemic basis for evaluation. The process “reveals the results of a total of three evaluation phases and clearly confirms the selected brands’ unique position as ‘Brand of the Century’ in a specific product category”, explains Florian Langenscheidt, publisher and founder of the ranking. Polytan’s artificial turf was able to win over the expert jury in all test disciplines.

The Zeit publishing group provides media coverage of the selection process. One main feature is the brand compendium, in which the nominees are profiled. “The compendium is a reference book on the companies that have set the standards”, according to Florian Langenscheidt. Mathias Schwägerl, Managing Director of Polytan GmbH: “Artificial turf is the sustainable solution for sports facilities in urban areas.” He alludes to the potential uses of an artificial turf pitch, which is much more resilient than a natural grass pitch and can therefore be used much more intensively than other greenery. This is an obvious advantage, especially in urban areas with limited space and where plenty of people want to do sports. The feature on the brand itself highlights the innovative work towards optimal sports conditions that Polytan creates with its products. In addition, the company’s 360-degree approach is described in the profile alongside its expertise in flooring for sports facilities and playgrounds.

“We are thrilled about the commendation and take it as an incentive to further improve our products and make them even more sustainable”, says Mathias Schwägerl.

To coincide with the publication date of the brand compendium, the Zeit publishing group not only issues a press release, but also launches a digital offensive with a podcast format.

With the title “Brand of the Century”, Polytan joins the ranks of award-winning German companies such as Hipp, Persil, Siemens, Tempo and Payback.

Brands of the Century

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