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Campo Sportivo Chiccu Galante, Mamoiada

April 2023

LigaGrass Pro at the Campo Sportivo Chiccu Galante in Mamoiada, Sardinia

Green oasis

The village of Mamoiada is located in central Sardinia, on the northern slope of the Gennargentumassif. Here and in the neighbouring villages, outstanding wines are pressed, fine cheeses are produced and delicious breads are baked. Beloved and famed beyond the boundaries of Mamoiada are its local sweets, produced specially for the carnival season. The community of only 2,500 residents is also known for its traditional, primitive carnival masks, and is commonly known as the most hospitable village in Sardinia, in which football plays an integral part.

The club “Folgore Mamoiada”, established in 1956, plays at the “Chiccu Galante” sports ground, which was fully renovated in 2020. The synthetic turf chosen for the renovation was LigaGrass Pro, our multitalent in all things football. Supported by Polytan’s special ENTANGLEMENT technology, the triangular cross-section of the integrated filament ensures superior fibre stability, while giving the turf incredible volume and a sturdy structure.

Aesthetically, the LigaGrass Pro R stands out for the BiColour design of its crimped filaments, which creates an extremely natural appearance in lush green. The integrated CoolPlus function limits overheating of the turf in direct sunlight, which is extremely effective on a textured turf system like the LigaGrass Pro, thanks to the large surface area for reflecting heat radiation. This synthetic turf is now also available in a variant containing recycled material, known as LigaGrass Pro R. Thanks to its PCR material content, this variant fulfils all the sustainability criteria that are becoming increasingly important considerations in the decision to purchase a synthetic turf system. LigaGrass Pro R is available with a mixture of sand and performance infill, or purely with sand infill.

Polytan LigaGrass Pro is suitable for multifunctional use in a wide variety of sports, making it ideal for communal facilities like the Campo Sportivo Chiccu Galante. As a robust, low-maintenance turf, it retains its high-quality appearance, even after prolonged use. The renovation work on the facility is now complete and, according to the community, is just the first stage in a larger project that has already been financed and approved to go ahead. In the course of the project, the pitch will be transformed into a public sports centre, creating yet more jobs. The Campo Sportivo Chiccu Galante and its synthetic turf pitch will then be open all year round, shining like a green oasis in the Sardinian landscape.


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