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Synthetic turf and football: what do Polytan systems offer?

Synthetic turf and football: what do Polytan systems offer?

Polytan’s artificial turf systems have been successfully established in modern football for many years and are used worldwide in stadiums, at training grounds and sports clubs. Thanks to our wide range of products, we offer the perfect solution for every requirement and every budget – from amateur club’s multi-purpose fields to top-of-the-league stadium pitches. The triple-layer structure of the Polytan Anti-Compaction System (ACS) ensures optimal interaction of the individual components. It boasts an extremely natural feel, high protection against injury and excellent wear resistance. Naturally, our artificial turf systems are certified according to all current standards.
We offer synthetic turf systems with both smooth and texturised grass fibres. The LigaTurf range is made from smooth fibres, while LigaGrass provides texturised grass. LigaTurf Cross artificial grass combines these two product types and quite simply represents the best of two worlds.


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LigaTurf artificial football pitch turf with smooth grass fibres

LigaTurf RS Pro II CoolPlus represents the ultimate product for professional football pitch systems. By optimising the filament geometry and material formulation, Polytan achieves the same playing properties as on a natural grass, while also offering even greater wear resistance. Patented ENTANGLEMENT technology – which creates turf fibres from specially cross-linked molecular chains – ensures comfortably soft grass even with a higher cross-sectional thickness (400 μm). The thicker cross-section means the playing field’s after-play ‘recovery’ is enhanced, in turn retaining the natural grass-like playing properties of the turf for longer, all without any additional maintenance requirements. LigaTurf RS Pro II CoolPlus is suitable for football stadiums, professional training facilities, amateur and professional clubs and sports colleges alike.

CoolPlus reduces heat generation

Our professional CoolPlus function has long been the standard for professional football systems. Pigments in the filaments reflect the sun’s rays, thus minimising warming of the playing field. LigaTurf RS+ CoolPlus premium turf also boasts the same advantage. This artificial grass system was seen to best advantage at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 in Canada in the ‘BC Place‘ final stadium in Vancouver and is appreciated by professional and amateur players alike. The system boasts national and international certifications for football and rugby, as well as for combination fields for both sports. The 360 μm thick, rhombus-shaped turf fibre design fulfils the technical requirements for shock absorption, ball-rolling and jumping behaviour to world-champion standards.

BiColour design for naturally fresh green artificial grass

The LigaTurf RS + CoolPlus is suitable for football stadiums, professional training facilities, amateur and professional clubs as well as sports colleges and, like all our artificial turf for football pitches, features a BiColour design. The two-tone, light and dark green grass blades produce a rich, natural green field tone. Our LigaTurf Legend does not bear this name for nothing – its performance spectrum is truly legendary. Thanks to its multishape filament cross-section, this synthetic turf system offers perfect conditions for sporting excellence. In addition, the high filament wear protection has been proven through intensive laboratory testing. LigaTurf RS Legend is suitable for professional training facilities, amateur and professional clubs and sports colleges alike.

LigaTurf Cross: The perfect grass for football clubs

With the LigaTurf Cross football turf system, Polytan has managed to combine two successful product types: artificial grass systems with texturised filaments and systems with smooth filaments. Texturised filaments are known for their robustness and ease of care, while the smooth filaments enjoy great popularity among footballers thanks to their natural ball-rolling properties. With LigaTurf Cross, high efficiency and authentic gaming comfort form a successful symbiosis – fulfilling the wishes of players, coaches, clubs, investors and owners alike.

For the first time, smooth and texturised filaments are combined in this innovative system. This hybrid technology, created from established products, boasts numerous advantages. On the one hand, already widely used in the world of professional football, smooth, 360 µm thick LigaTurf RS+ CoolPlus filaments give players the look and feel of a real football pitch. On the other hand, LigaTurf Cross’s texturised, 250 μm thick LigaGrass Pro CoolPlus filaments offer low maintenance, improved infill granule stabilisation and more turf volume. In addition, the LigaTurf Cross’s UV-reflecting CoolPlus function reliably protects the synthetic grass from overheating on hot days. 

LigaGrass Pro CoolPlus with texturised grass fibres

Due to their shape, texturised tufts are more robust and easier to care for than smooth turf filaments, and are traditionally used for hockey pitches. Due to their continuous development, they are now used wherever hard-wearing and easy-care all-round surfaces are required. These include multi-functional systems that are available for various sports such as football, hockey and rugby. Our LigaGrass Pro CoolPlus is the most recent development in texturised artificial turf systems. Thanks to Polytan PreciTex texturing technology, it is now easy to process functional filament cross-sections with a thickness of up to 250 μm. Comparisons with other artificial grass systems clearly demonstrate that the LigaGrass Pro CoolPlus is a ‘no-splash’ turf in which the infill is particularly well retained by the turf system.

In terms of its functionality and performance, the LigaGrass Pro CoolPlus is the benchmark in the field of texturised football pitch systems. It particularly shows its strengths in high-use mini and small game fields, as well as in multi-sport facilities, where high durability is paramount.

Conclusion: Artificial grass for football pitches – products for every requirement and every budget

The world of artificial grass systems for football pitches is as extensive and complex as the demands placed on them. Polytan offers a wide range of products for every requirement and every budget. Our decades of experience in the field of artificial turf are successfully implemented in stadiums, training grounds and clubs worldwide on a daily basis. Despite all their different features, our products have one thing in common: the highest quality, which is appreciated by professionals and amateurs alike. Guaranteed.

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