Wöhrder See – Norikus Bay

August 2018

CLIENT: City of Nuremberg
PLANNER/ARCHITECT: Hackl Hofmann Landschaftsarchitekten, Eichstätt

Nuremberg gained another popular recreational area in 2018: Norikus Bay on the Wöhrder See lake. The amenities of the revitalised waterfront park with a bathing cove include a fitness trail and a water playground – and both areas are fitted out with synthetic surfaces from Polytan.

A large sandpit shaped like a polygon is the central point of the new water playground. Play elements are a feature of the surrounding watercourse, which is accentuated by a turquoise, water-impermeable Rekortan M tartan surface. In contrast, the material chosen by the designers of landscape architects Hackl Hofmann for the area around the sprinklers and groundwater fountains was a turquoise PolyPlay S. This durable all-rounder is water-permeable, allowing the cushioned surface to dry off quickly.

While the water playground enjoys great popularity among youngsters, the fitness trail is designed for young people and adults. The blue trail with a tartan surface zigzags through the park. The sports surfaces chosen by the designers were the water-permeable, optimally cushioned PolyPlay S and PolyPlay FS synthetic surfaces from Polytan in a bright sky blue shade. The smooth yet non-slip surface of the PolyPlay S tartan system impressed the designers just as much as it did in the water playground zone. The PolyPlay FS soft-impact surface was used wherever there was a need for fall protection, i.e. under any callisthenics equipment with a drop height of ≥60 cm.

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