Park am Gleisdreieck

February 2016

The opening of the Park am Gleisdreieck, an inner-city park built on wasteland belonging to the former Anhalt and Potsdam Freight Depot, means that Berlin now has a park in which every visitor can find their favourite spot thanks to its rich diversity. One favourite spot for children is undoubtedly the play terrain directly beneath an old viaduct.
The surface of the play terrain is made of the Polytan FS soft impact surface and is designed to be multifunctional. Low hills which unfold in the direction of the paths, are ideal for downhill skateboarders, toddlers delight in jumping on the six trampolines recessed into the ground, while teenagers use the streetball fields with basketball hoops for matches. A goal wall, horizontal bars, turntables and seat bars scattered across the playing field round off the area. White ground markings are used to mark out (football) pitches and hilly landscapes, as well as to create a numbers game and a labyrinth.

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