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Centro Sportivo Via Pomerio, Arco di Trento

Arco di Trento
February 2021

Centro Sportivo Via Pomerio extensively renovated:

Oldest sports club in the region renews sports facility

The small Italian town of Arco di Trento is only five kilometres from Lake Garda. The mild climate made the village the popular holiday home of European nobility in the 19th century and even the winter seat of the Austrian Emperor’s Court. To date, the enchanting landscape of parks and gardens with thriving palms has lost nothing of its appeal. The Arco castle ruins, the mountains of nearby Trentino and of course the Lago di Garda attract many tourists. This unique location makes Arco di Trento a popular destination for climbers, hikers and mountain bikers.

But devotees of other sports also have somewhere to go here, namely the Centro Sportivo Via Pomerio. The sports complex is managed by USD Arco 1895 and ASD Atletica Alto Garda e Ledro. The former is the oldest sports club in the Trentino/South Tyrol region and was founded in 1895 as a local branch of the Ciclistico Italiano touring club. At the time, it mainly organised excursions and bicycle races.

Altetica Alto Garda e Ledro’s activities are equally impressive: Sports events are held all year round and are primarily intended to inspire young people. The founders’ express concern was “to give everyone the opportunity to practise athletics and have fun at the same time, with the support of a solid organisation”. Today, the sporting activities are accompanied by trainers and tailored to the psychophysical and specific needs of each age group. In addition to the youth sector, there is also a master group, which now comprises more than 200 athletes.

The most recent renovation of the 1980s sports facilities took place in 2005. But after 14 years of intensive use, it was time for renewal. The long jump, high jump and javelin areas were completely restored and enlarged in the process. The athletics tracks, the central grandstand and service building, and the associated bar were also renovated and the tennis courts were redesigned. As football has become the predominant sport at Arco di Trento over the decades, the natural turf pitch was also refurbished.
The old surface of the surrounding track was technically and visually renewed thanks to Polytan Re-topping. Rekortan M in reseda green was installed, our professional sports surface with outstanding tread elasticity and acceleration. The material is perfectly tailored to the needs of athletes and not only ensures the fastest times, but also has long-term benefits for athletes due to its first-class damping qualities which help protect the joints.

One highlight of the Centro Sportivo is the installation of SmarTracks, our digital performance diagnostics system, which enables athletes to accurately record and then optimise their performance. Magnetic gates – SmarTracks Timing Gates – have been integrated into the track. The renovation work in Centro Sportivo was completed in July 2020 and Arco di Trento’s athletics enthusiasts can now use the new sports surfaces again.

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