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Am Heidberg School, Hamburg

January 2024

PolyPlay S in the Open-Air Gym at Am Heidberg School, Hamburg

A great place for fun, games and exercise

In the summer of 2023, a new open-air gym was opened on the grounds of the Am Heidberg district school and primary school in Hamburg. The project was planned and implemented by SMC2 Deutschland. This second open-air gym in the Hanseatic city not only enriches the Am Heidberg school grounds, but also offers pupils a place to spend their breaktimes outdoors all year round, whatever the weather. Under the roof, made of a special textile membrane, there is plenty of space for fun, games and exercise, as well as PE lessons or events in the fresh air.

Crossbeams and purlins made of laminated timber, as well as supports made of hot-galvanised steel, form the sturdy structure of the open-air gym in Hamburg. The textile membrane roof is translucent, supplying the sports and fitness area with natural light. Due to the membrane’s low thermal inertia, the material does not give off any excess cold in the winter, or heat in the summer.

For the playing field inside the hall, we have installed our durable all-round surface PolyPlay S with multifunctional playing field lines. Thanks to its smooth surface and favourable ball-bouncing properties, PolyPlay S is ideal for ball sports in schools, as well as many outdoor activities. It is laid evenly, yet is still completely slip-resistant. Further benefits include low maintenance and high wear resistance. The two-layered construction guarantees consistent cushioning and deformation values.

The playing field is enclosed and secured by a low-noise barrier system made of mesh elements. Embedded at each end of the barrier are two football goals for miniature playing fields, accompanied by two permanently installed basketball hoops. For its use during the evening hours, the open-air gym has modern LED lighting, and is equipped with a lightning protection system. Thanks to its robust construction with steel supports, steel barrier system and lockable gates, the facility is secured against vandalism.

The facility and its multifunctional playing field not only benefits pupils of the school, but members of the SiB-Club e.V. too. While the open-air gym is primarily used by the school in the mornings, the on-site sports club occupies the afternoon times with classes and training sessions. As a result, the open-air gym is fully utilised all year round and relieves the pressure on the nearby indoor school gym.

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