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Vocational College, Kleve

May 2023

Diverse colour design for the outdoor facilities at the vocational college in Kleve

Sports facility with a positive impact

Around 5,000 pupils are taught by almost 200 teachers at the vocational college in Kleve, Germany. The vocational college mainly focuses on combining general and vocational education, by adopting a differentiated style across 66 courses. This makes Kleve the largest vocational college in North Rhine-Westphalia.

In recent years, the main campus in Kleve has been completely renovated, modernised and partially extended with new buildings. This also included the college’s sports facilities, for which a new three-pitch sports hall has been built, among other things. The outdoor areas also underwent extensive renovation, but limited space called for improvisation when designing the facilities. Working closely together with the Geo3 planning office, based in neighbouring Bedburg-Hau, and the college’s sports department, we supported the renovation work by supplying some of our sports surfaces. Implementing a colour design across the entire facility using a differentiated colour concept was particularly challenging.

The four-lane circular track, for example, is laid with Rekortan M and finished in Hertha blue. The partially integrated sprint track is finished in Eggshell Rekortan M, as is the high jump area. In contrast, the long & triple jump tracks stand out in bright Sky blue Rekortan M – as do the indoor areas and individual stripes that separate the different sports facilities from one another. To provide further contrast, the street soccer pitch and basketball court sparkle in the darker Hertha blue.

The Polytan Rekortan M surface we have used throughout is the consummate professional among our sports surfaces. The poured in-situ surface is set apart by its excellent acceleration and high tread elasticity. What’s more, it is incredibly fast and offers impressively high shock absorption, as well as excellent advantages in terms of sports medicine. The fact that it is spike-compatible and also waterproof makes it even more appealing to sports facility operators.

The fitness area – which is also laid in Eggshell – also reflects the colour concept used throughout the facility. The Polytan PolyPlay FS fall protection surface was laid here – it is a clean and safe solution for various different applications, from playgrounds and recreational parks to rehab facilities. PolyPlay FS proves its suitability as a shock-absorbing floor with different thicknesses. The bulk-coated, water-permeable surface is not only particularly low-maintenance but, thanks to its cushioning effect, it also protects against injuries in the event of falls. Optimum resistance to weathering and decay are the basis for its long service life and low maintenance costs. Fall protection surfaces are known to be the more hygienic and, above all, safer option, compared with sandpits.

With a splash of green, the mini-pitch stands out as the only difference among the uniform colour concept in Kleve. It is laid with LigaGrass Pro, our extremely robust all-rounder suitable for football pitches that are used extensively all year round. The textured filaments create a particularly natural lawn appearance in a rich green. As a long-lasting yet low-maintenance turf, LigaGrass Pro retains its high-quality appearance even after prolonged use.

By completing its modern, multifunctional sports facility, the vocational college in Kleve has fulfilled an important element of its own mission statement: to provide an inspiring range of sporting activities and exercise on the school grounds. “This aim has been incorporated into the mission statement as a direct result of the student body expressing a desire to participate in outdoor sports. As part of being a healthy school, these sports facilities mark a significant milestone since students will also be able to exercise there during their breaks in the future,” says headmaster Peter Wolters happily.

Tobias Knoll, Managing Director of Geo 3, highlights the great challenge of having incorporated many different sports and requests in a significantly limited area: “By maximising the space, we have created a unique sports landscape that will have a positive impact far beyond the district of Kleve.” Incidentally, the facilities will not only be used by the vocational college, but also by clubs and company sports groups. It is also possible to hire the facilities privately once you have completed an online registration form.

The sports facility in Kleve is also particularly important to Polytan: “At the vocational college in Kleve, we have once again demonstrated that Polytan is even capable of designing complex sports facilities,” summarises David Schmitz, Team Leader for North/West Sales. “Our wide range of surfaces suitable for the most diverse requirements and associated colour palettes easily make such sophisticated solutions a reality. What’s more, it is highly convenient for clients to choose surfaces from a single source rather than having to contact several different suppliers.” To ensure that the new sports facilities remain attractive and usable in the long term, the district of Kleve – as the facility operator – has taken out Polytan’s “Bronze” service package to provide regular cleaning and maintenance.

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