Virtus Entella football club

October 2017

Italian second-division club Virtus Entella have been training on LigaTurf RS Pro II CoolPlus synthetic turf in the Stadio Comunale in Chiavari since July 2017. And it’s not only the club that is delighted with it: the jury of the annual quality ranking for Serie-B rated the playing surface number one in the synthetic turf category. With a 25-millimetre thick elastic base layer that provides for long-lasting, optimum force reduction, the synthetic turf system is ideal for the demands of Italian professional football. The highly resilient smooth filaments are similar to real blades of grass, yet offer a consistently elevated standard of quality even when the weather is cold. Players enjoy the same high level of comfort as on well-maintained real grass pitches thanks also to the addition of Infill Bionic Fibre – modern infill granules made of EPDM rubber with a special organic structure. The synthetic turf in the Stadio Comunale in Chiavari is not only the first in Italy to have Infill Bionic Fibre, but also the first to receive a FIFA Quality Pro certificate.

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