Stadium Bonolis, Teramo

September 2019

SmarTracks at the Stadium Bonolis in Teramo

In the summer of 2019, the Stadio Gaetano Bonolis in Piano d’Accio was extensively renovated and maintenance was carried out. New seats and a synthetic turf playing surface were the biggest innovations. However, the synthetic surface, LigaTurf RS Pro II, is different from other kinds of football turf. For the first time in Italy, Polytan’s SmarTracks performance diagnostic system was installed under the synthetic turf. This enables footballers from the Teramo Calcio football club to digitally record, analyse and document their training performance.

As in the other Lega Pro stadiums with Polytan synthetic turf (Entella in Chiavari and Viviani in Potenza), an elastic layer was installed under the LigaTurf RS Pro II, which plays an important role in the sports performance-related properties such as shock absorption. In Teramo, Fusion GT Infill was used for the first time in Italy as infill granulate; it consists of around 70 percent natural materials. In the same way as natural turf substrate, the new Fusion GT infill is able to store moisture and release it again uniformly. This results in natural evaporation that keeps the synthetic turf nice and cool, even in high temperatures.




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