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Stade Paul Petitpoisson, Compiègne

April 2023

Rekortan M RT and Polytan SMART at the Stade Paul Petitpoisson, Compiègne, France

Polytan at the training centre for the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024

Compiègne symbolises the tragic dimension of the violent conflicts between Germany and France in the 20th century like almost no other place. The town in northern France became known for the signing of two armistices between the two military powers – the first armistice of Compiègne ended the First World War in 1918, while the second marked the capitulation of France to the German armed forces in 1940.

Nowadays, the clearing of Compiègne is a tourist magnet that is dedicated to the reconciliation of the two countries. Today, Compiègne is especially well-known as the starting point of the annual Paris–Roubaix cycling race.

The athletics stadium Stade Paul Petitpoisson is a top-of-the-range facility. With a total area of approx. 20,000 m², it includes a 400-metre running track with eight lanes, a 60-metre sprinting track and facilities for long jump, triple jump, high jump, pole vaulting and all the throwing disciplines. The facility is also suitable for triathlon training units, as there are numerous cycling routes in the area, as well as a nearby swimming hall with a large pool. The sports centre adjoins an administration area, which is equipped with meeting rooms, a first aid station and a treatment/physiotherapy room. A weights room rounds off the athletic facilities.

The stadium and its adjoining building were fully renovated and extended in 2022, in preparation for the next Olympic Games. Among other things, the facilities were expanded with doping control and video surveillance rooms. In the course of the renovation, all running tracks were re-topped with our Rekortan M RT. During the re-topping process by Polytan, used and worn synthetic surfaces are technically and cosmetically restored. This is an extremely economical and sustainable solution for the renovation of sports facilities, as the existing elastic substructures remain in place, rather than being disposed of.

In addition to renewed surfaces in Red and Chili Red, Polytan SMART was installed – our high-precision system for professional performance diagnostics. It is primarily used in classic running disciplines in athletics and can be used to optimise performance, thanks to its digital diagnostic technology. Polytan SMART can be integrated in both new and existing sports facilities. Once installed, it can be used to take precise measurements at any time – regardless of the weather and for multiple athletes at once. In Compiègne, it is not only available for running sports, but can also be used to measure run-ups in the long jump or when pole vaulting. This enables the precise capture, documentation and analysis of training sessions and performance.

The Stade Paul Petitpoisson is primarily used by the sports club “VGA Compiègne”, which has more than 500 members. Thanks to its comprehensive, high-quality equipment, the Stade Paul Petitpoisson is not only used to regularly host national competitions, but has also been chosen as of the training centres for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris 2024.

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