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Stade Georges Suant, Antony

January 2022

Polytan Tartan GOLD in Stade Georges Suant

High-performance surface in Antony near Paris

The French municipality of Antony is located south of Paris and today forms part of the greater area of the French capital. As a suburb, it was once treasured by the wealthy as a retreat, the showpiece of the town being the Parc de Sceaux, dating from the reign of Louis XIV. In addition, villas from the Gründerzeit and Art Nouveau eras have been preserved. Today, the cityscape is dominated by apartment blocks whose inhabitants go about their business during the day in the metropolis on the Seine, which has excellent transport connections. Nevertheless, the tourism guide ‘France Voyage’ bravely advertises with the slogan: ‘Antony beguiles those who discover it with its quality of life.’

Sport also belongs to the quality of life in Antony. The athletics club Antony Sports was founded as early as 1961 as a private initiative that initially comprised twenty athletes. Later, divisions for running disciplines and long jump were established, and national and international successes were achieved over the decades.

In 2006, the club changed its name – it has since been known as Antony Athlétisme 92 – and new disciplines such as walking or marathon running were added. The club has since found itself competing at a high sporting level, although performance is not the club’s only goal. Commitment to health and leisure is also of high importance to those in charge, as is the training of future coaches for adapted sports and cross-training. Children and young people are particularly close to the association’s heart: With the athletics school, they want to give young people the opportunity to discover different disciplines through play.

Today, the ‘Stade Georges Suant’ sports centre is the home of Antony Athlétisme 92, a venue the club shares with Antony Football Evolution, an education and sports project of the city of Antony, as well as with Club Sportif Portugais d’Antony. The stadium boasts an eight-lane athletics track and various jumping pits. Furthermore, nineteen tennis courts belong to the sports complex, seven of which are sheltered, as well as an athletics hall, a fitness and cardio training room and a beach handball and basketball court.

In 2007, the stadium was completely revamped and a red Polytan artificial surface was installed. This has now been replaced by our high-performance surface Tartan GOLD in red. The combination of a full PU top layer and a cushioning levelling layer makes this waterproof synthetic floor extremely durable and ensures permanently good shock absorption values. Due to the interspersed granules in the wear layer, Polytan Tartan GOLD is particularly suitable for running shoes with spikes and offers immensely high acceleration. Excellent tread elasticity protects the athletes’ joints, and high abrasion resistance rounds off the qualities of our top quality surface.

Further running tracks, as well as high and long jump facilities, were designed with Tartan GOLD in sky blue. Polytan SMART, our intelligent system for digital performance diagnostics and precise time keeping, was also installed. It records factors such as running time, speed, stride length, stride frequency and jump height. This means that not only is Polytan SMART suitable for the classic running disciplines such as short, medium and long distance runs, hurdles and relays, but the system also helps to record essential parameters for the long jump and pole vault and to improve them through targeted training.

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