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Stade Adrien Gilly, Manosque

February 2022

Polytan Rekortan M in Manosque, Provence

Play sports in French luxury

It doesn’t get more Provençal. Manosque, a municipality with a good 20,000 inhabitants on the banks of the Durance, lies exactly at the intersection of the Verdon and Luberon nature parks. It is the gateway to the two low mountain ranges that some claim were made on that seventh day, when God did not rest, but instead created Provence as the crowning glory of the world, so to speak. Indulged by the sun, rich in historical villages and original landscapes that make you want to start walking right away and dive into the wide valleys and their hills. Grown in long rows, the lavender resembles spinning brushes when the wind passes through. In between: Manosque.

The old centre of the city is criss-crossed with narrow streets and squares lined with sycamore trees that invite you to enjoy life to the full.

To ensure that the local population also enjoys sport, the city has built the Stade Adrien Gilly. It includes a football pitch made from natural grass and a 400 m long athletics track with six lanes, as well as jump and throwing facilities.

A real professional within sports flooring, our Polytan Rekortan M was used for the running track and has long since proven its suitability for competitions worldwide. The poured surface impresses with its excellent acceleration and tread elasticity; it is fast and captivates with high shock absorption, as well as providing excellent advantages in terms of sports medicine.

Around 5,800 m² of Rekortan M was installed in Manosque. It is primarily used by a local athletics club, Entente Provençale de Manosque Athlétisme, that explicitly wants all age groups to enjoy sports, as well as by the Club Triathlon Manosque. Among other things, training for triathlon, duathlon and aquathlon takes place here. The club’s motto is ‘triathlon pour toutes et tous’ (which roughly translates to triathlon for everyone). With our surfaces you can really play sports in luxury.

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