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Sports and leisure complex, Hajnówka

April 2024

Rekortan M and LigaTurf Legend at the sports and leisure complex in Hajnówka, Poland

Diverse sport activities at the highest level

The Polish town of Hajnówka is located close to the border with Belarus, in direct proximity to Białowieża National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The wide variety of sports activities available in the town ranges from trail running and marathon running to athletics and football. At the local sports and leisure complex, Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreak (OSiR), coaches and teachers have been systematically working with children and young people from local schools for many years. Their goal is to convey to youngsters that sport is not only modern, but important for the mental and physical wellbeing of every individual. One example of their work are the four active football teams from ages 8 to 16.

The sports and leisure complex in Hajnówka encompasses an athletics stadium with a 400-metre, four-lane running circuit. Integrated in it are a six-lane sprinting track, a long jump and triple jump facility, a shot put area and two run-up tracks for javelin. The facility also includes a football pitch with natural turf, complete with an automatic irrigation system. In addition, there is a separate football pitch for training with a play area of 22×52 m, two beach volleyball and two tennis courts, as well as a swimming pool complex with an open-air waterpark.

The running tracks at the facility, which was completed in 2023, were fitted with Rekortan M in sky blue, as were the run-up track for the jumping and throwing disciplines. Rekortan M is the classic among our synthetic surfaces and is recognised as a competition surface worldwide. It guarantees outstanding acceleration, speed and increased elasticity, as well as exceptional shock absorption that is valued by athletes and sports physicians alike.

On the adjacent miniature playing field, our partner Panorama Obiekty Sportowe installed LigaTurf Legend, our tried-and-tested powerhouse in terms of performance. With its multi-shape filament cross-section, this synthetic football turf ensures improved fibre resilience. This unique technology guarantees an all-round perfect performance, as attested by numerous certifications in accordance with various international standards.

The specially designed cross-section also achieves similar ball-rolling and playing characteristics to those experienced on natural grass. Visually, wider filaments provide excellent coverage and – together with the BiColour design – a fresh, natural look to the pitch. The high wear-resistance of the filaments has been proven in various laboratory tests. This makes the turf system extraordinarily durable – a property that is increasingly in demand and also contributes to the system’s sustainability.

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