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Estádio Municipal Dramático, Cascais

December 2023

LigaTurf Legend Pro at the Estádio Municipal Dramático de Cascais. Portugal

For top athletic performance directly on the Atlantic coast

The Portuguese town of Cascais is located directly on the Atlantic coast, only 25 km west of Lisbon and, along with neighbouring town of Estoril, known for the Autódromo do Estoril, belongs to the metropolitan region of Lisbon. Its more than 200,000 residents primarily make their living from tourism and love sport with all its facets. The town’s attractions include its sandy beaches and large marinas. However, Cascais is also known for hosting Portugal’s first ever official football match in 1888. Since 2021, Cascais is also home to “Ironman Portugal”, Portugal’s first long-distance triathlon.

The Estádio Municipal de Cascais is mainly used by the club “Grupo Dramático e Sportivo de Cascais”, which was founded in 1905 and consists of around 1,000 members today. Under its roof, it combines football, futsal, gymnastics, roller hockey, rugby and women’s volleyball. In addition to athletic activities, the club also promotes social and creative aspects. Accordingly, the club’s motto is: Arte, Sport e Bem – Art, Sport and Doing Good. Its goal is to create a better society through sport and creativity.

In 2022, together with our partner AFF SPORTS, we installed a Polytan LigaTurf Legend Pro surface – our synthetic turf system for elite sporting performance under extreme wear – at the Estádio Municipal in the neighbouring town of Sintra. Thanks to the multi-shape cross-section of the filaments, the LigaTurf Legend Pro turf guarantees optimum stability. The specially designed cross-section also achieves ball-rolling and playing characteristics that are similar to those experienced on natural grass.

From a visual point of view, the larger blade width ensures compact density and – together with the BiColour design – a constantly fresh and natural look to the pitch. The high wear resistance of the filaments has been proven in various laboratory tests. Thanks to the attested longevity of our products, we are able to ensure the appropriate levels of sustainability that are increasingly in demand. Overall, LigaTurf Legend Pro offers perfect sporting and economic performance, which is also proven by the synthetic turf being certified according to various international standards.

In Cascais, the lines have been placed so that the pitch can be used for both football and rugby.

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