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Complexe sports urbains de l’Axe majeur, Cergy

June 2022

Rekortan M and Laykold Advantage at the Complexe sports urbains de l’Axe Majeur

Unique sports complex in the Paris metropolitan area

Cergy-Pontoise is a “ville nouvelle”, a new town designed from scratch to house the rapidly growing population of the Paris metropolitan area. Its development has been accordingly fast: at its founding in 1963, the town had only 34,050 inhabitants. 50 years later, it had over 200,000. The cityscape is characterised by the Axe Majeur, an approx. 4-km-long visual axis that encompasses the railway station, marketplace, the buildings of the town centre, public housing with a Renaissance aesthetic, and parks.

This also includes the Complexe sports urbains de l’Axe Majeur, a spacious area containing a gym hall, swimming pool and the De Cergy skatepark. It also has a long jump facility, four multisport pitches for football and basketball, and a calisthenics facility enclosed by an athletics running circuit.

The running track was renovated in 2020 and equipped with a Rekortan M surface, the professional among our sports surfaces. Its design in sky blue is enough to catch the eye. However, Rekortan M also stands out for its excellent acceleration and step elasticity. It is extremely fast and impresses with high shock absorption, as well as providing excellent advantages in terms of sports medicine. The poured in-situ surface is waterproof and practically made for sport shoes with spikes.

One of the four playing zones of the multisport pitch has been fitted with our Laykold Advantage. The Laykold Advantage system is a high-quality acrylic wear coat for tennis and multipurpose sports facilities. Laykold Advantage is a cost-effective way to revive playing surfaces on asphalt or concrete in order to extend the lifespan of a sports pitch or change its design.

Its proven quality, excellent playing characteristics and homogenous, even surface make Laykold an attractive option for basketball courts, especially in urban areas like Cergy-Pontoise. Laykold is currently the leading sports surface for tennis events in the USA and Canada. Eight of the 13 most important hard-court tournaments are played on Laykold, including the U.S. Open. The surface is environmentally friendly and free from asbestos, lead and mercury; it is extremely durable and UV-resistant and can be used in any weather. The court is used for training by the amateur and youth teams of the local basketball club, Cergy-Pontoise Basket Ball (CPBB). Several of the players have even made it as far as the LNB Pro A, the highest professional league in France, as well as the A-team of the French national basketball team.

Thanks to our robust surfaces, the sports complex Axe Majeur is an indispensable meeting point for Cergy-Pontoise’s sports fans in the middle of the city – a place for urban sport unique in the entire Parisian region.

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