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Blidvädersplan, Biskopsgården, Gothenburg

July 2021

Polytan LigaTurf Cross in Gothenburg

The logical option at a social hotspot

With almost 600,000 inhabitants, Gothenburg is the second biggest city in Sweden after Stockholm. Its history has been defined by its geographical location on the west coast of Sweden. For centuries, its ice-free harbour by the North Sea was a significant economic advantage. The eventful ups and downs of the city were influenced its fishing industry, textile industry and trading in iron and wood, and later, its shipyards and automotive industry. With structural changes in heavy industry and the death of the shipyards, the city reached a temporary low point. Today, the Gothenburg is associated with the names of companies such as Volvo, Saab, Hasselblad and – most relevant today – AstraZeneca.

The Biskopsgården district of the city reflects the recent history of the city as if under a magnifying glass. Expanded into a satellite town in the 1950s, the district initially attracted working professionals and academics. Later, Biskopsgården became a reservoir of social problems and immigration, and openly waged gang and drug warfare made headlines far beyond Sweden’s borders.

For over 25 years, the city council has tried to integrate Biskopsgården more effectively in the metropolitan region of Gothenburg. Many new homes were built and renovated based on the Live Good Process, a development forum created with the goal of improving quality of life for residents in every respect. This includes the renovation and construction of sports facilities like Blidvädersplan, where an artificial turf pitch was installed in March 2020. This will provide children and young people from Biskopsgården with opportunities to participate in meaningful leisure activities. The chosen surface was our sand-filled LigaTurf Cross.

Previously, there was only a gravel pitch there. Its transformation into an artificial turf pitch was realised by Ingeborns Entreprenad AB. First, the sports facility construction company removed an old asphalt running track and renovated the foundation. This was leveled using gravel and raised in the middle so that water can run off in both directions. A new drainage system was also added: Thanks to the cushioning mats under the artificial turf, the rainwater rapidly seeps down, where it is carried away by horizontal drainage channels and stored in a tank. In addition, asphalt surfaces were installed on which snow is temporarily stored during the winter, as well as a lighting system and a fence around the entire area.

Polytan LigaTurf Cross combines smooth filaments with textured ones, combining the advantages of both turf types to create the ideal football turf. The smooth filaments of the LigaTurf RS+CP type look and feel almost like a real football field, while the textured filaments of the LigaGrass Pro CP provide low and easy maintenance, greater infill stability and increased turf volume. Underneath are a sand filling, thick films and cushioning mats. The advantage of a sand-filled pitch is that it doesn’t shed granulate.

The artificial turf project originates from an initiative started by residents of Biskopsgården. An investigation by the organisation Bo bra found that residents there lacked leisure opportunities and activities. Consequently, the organisation suggested that the city of Gothenburg develop the Blidvädersplan sports facility. The new artificial turf pitch was finished in July 2020 and is certified in accordance with FIFA Quality.

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