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Stadio Monti Rossi, Nicolosi

March 2024

Rekortan at the Stadio Monti Rossi, Sicily

In the shadow of the volcano

Nicolosi is located 16 kilometres north of Catania, placing it in the foothills of Mount Etna – the tallest active volcano in Europe, which has characterised life in the town and its inhabitants since time immemorial. The town has been destroyed by eruptions multiple times. Its earlier volcanic activity has left behind a double pyroclastic cone, which was formed in 1669 during the biggest known eruption of Mount Etna, known today as Monti Rossi.

At its edge, in the direct vicinity of the main volcano, is the sports facility Campo di atletica Pineta Monti Rossi, or Stadio Monti Rossi for short. Those who play or train there have the choice between a view of the spectacular contours of the regularly fire-spewing mountain, or a view over the magnificent bay of Catania and the Ionian Sea.

To help the athletes focus on what’s most important, we have equipped the athletic facilities with one of our top-quality surfaces: Rekortan M in brick red. This water-permeable professional surface has always been good for setting records. Its name is a combination of “Rekord” and “Tartan”. The main features of Rekortan are its outstanding acceleration and high tread elasticity. What’s more, it is fast and offers high cushioning and exceptional sport medical properties. The poured in-situ surface, in which the granules are sprinkled with a visible tip, is highly compatible with spikes.

Rekortan M is the ideal solution for running tracks in athletics stadiums and school sports facilities. At the Stadio Monti Rossi, the surface has not only been installed on the eight running lanes with integrated sprinting lanes, but also in each of the sections for the conventional jumping and throwing disciplines. Water pits are embedded in certain areas of the track for the steeplechase.

The facility is primarily used by athletes from the athletics association Atletica Monti Rossi Nicolosi. Hopefully, Mount Etna will not become too active any time soon and send any lava towards Nicolosi: on its northern side, the Campo di atletica Pineta Monti Rossi is built directly into the volcanic rock laid down by the last eruption.

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