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Sports ground Blumberg, Ahrensfelde

October 2020

Polytan LigaTurf Cross and Polytan Rekortan B2S

Keeping an eye on the future

As an athlete, you have just one choice: individual competitor or team player. The members of the BSV Blumberg Association in Ahrensfelde near Berlin proved to be real team players. It is also thanks to their commitment that the renovation of the Blumberg sports field is just entering its final stage. The ambitious project began in October 2019 with the work on a new synthetic turf pitch, which will in future enable year-round training. It replaces a natural turf pitch where games had to be repeatedly cancelled owing to the weather conditions.

The construction programme was ambitious. Schmitt Sportplatzbau from the municipality of Groß Köris carried out the earthworks, created the ground plan for the covering surface including drains, applied base layers and created the running track perimeter and carried out the work in and around the new pitch. A new long jump system and six floodlight masts and a ball-stop fence were also installed.

Our synthetic turf system Polytan LigaTurf Cross was used to combine both straight and textured filaments – the advantages of both turf types combine to create an ideal football turf. Straight LigaTurf RS+ CP filaments ensure, on the one hand, the look and feel of a real football turf, while the textured filaments of the LigaGrass Pro CP, on the other hand, guarantee simple and reduced maintenance, better stabilisation of the infill and greater turf volume. Thanks to its cork and sand filling, Polytan LigaTurf Cross is suitable for amateur and professional clubs alike.

The association chose Polytan Rekortan B2S in brick red for the running track around the playing field, our cost-effective all-round solution for athletics with a thick top layer made of rubber granulate. Primarily used for running tracks, run-up tracks and athletics facilities, this floor covering has a structured surface that is water-permeable and allows for easy and time-saving installation.

The newly designed Blumberg sports facility is geared entirely towards the future – and the future has always been firmly in sight there. In 1990, the decision was made to set up a new sports club in Blumberg. First of all, a name had to be found that would stand out from tradition. Because it goes back a long way: SG Dynamo Blumberg can be traced back to 1954 and between 1983 and 1989 Tiefbau Blumberg successfully played in the district league. With foresight, “BallSpielVereinung Blumberg” was chosen after reunification. A consciously open, unspecific name, the founding members wanted to keep the opportunity open to integrate other sports into the club as well as football. And they succeeded, as the rest of the story shows: BSV Blumberg now has a range of sports divisions, including table tennis, volleyball, billiards and fitness.

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