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Kaknäs Idrottsplats, Stockholm

July 2021

Polytan LigaTurf RS Pro II in Kaknäs BP, Stockholm

Playing characteristics like those of natural grass

Kaknäs Idrottsplats is in Ladugårdsgärdet, a district in the north-east of Stockholm, and is the name of a training facility for the Djurgårdens IF sports club. It houses various sports under one roof, all with their own clubs. Today, it is Sweden’s largest multi-departmental sports club, of which Djurgårdens IF Fotboll has the most members. Since it was founded in 1891, the club has won 453 Swedish championship titles in 24 different sports, of which a hundred are in boxing. With 16 titles, Djurgårdens IF is the most successful team in Swedish ice hockey.

Not far behind is Djurgårdens IF Fotbollsförening. The club has won the Swedish football league twelve times and the cup five times, most recently in 2018 and 2019. For almost ten years, DIF has shared the modern Tele2 Arena with Hammarby IF as its home stadium, which can accommodate up to 33,000 people. The team trains in Kaknäs Idrottsplats on the Kaknäs BP playing field. When the decision was made to install a new artificial turf pitch in 2019, the requirement was that the playing characteristics should be similar to those in the Tele2 Arena. The club opted for our LigaTurf RS Pro II. There was no time to lose, as the existing turf was worn out and DIF had to hold all its training activities on natural grass in the meantime.

Polytan LigaTurf RS Pro II is a professional turf for maximum performance across long periods of time and offers optimal playing characteristics. Thanks to its intelligent filament design and exclusive material composition, this artificial turf is in a league of its own in terms of both playing characteristics and durability. Its innovative entanglement technology ensures a soft filament with high wear-resistance, despite the larger cross-section thickness. This helps maintain its realistic properties for longer, without the need for additional maintenance work.

Polytan LigaTurf RS Pro II closely matches the turf in the Tele2 Arena in terms of ball bouncing properties, and provides realistic playing conditions. All around the playing field are drains with filters, which collect any stray infill granulate. This prevents the spread of microplastics. There is also no need for snow ploughing, which further helps keep granulate on the field. The pitch is certified in accordance with FIFA Quality Pro.

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