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Birkenried Sports Centre, Peiting

January 2023

Rekortan AS GT and PolyPlay SE in Chili Red, complete with cutting-edge Polytan SMART performance diagnostics

Train like a pro in Peiting

The market town of Peiting has a little under 12,000 residents. Villa Rustica, a stately Roman estate, shows that settlers were attracted to the current town’s geographical situation on the banks of the Lech as long as 2,000 years ago. Today, tourists and locals alike can find almost unlimited opportunities for physical activity, such as cross country, cycling or hiking tours. In the 40 different areas of the town, there are numerous sports facilities, including an ice rink, bowling alleys, a riding arena, tennis courts, football pitches and fitness trails.

At the centrally located Birkenried Sports Centre, we have now replaced the previous tartan track – after an incredible 41 years of intensive use by athletes of the athletics club, TSV Peiting. Rekortan AS GT was installed on the running circuit. In the special colour Chili Red, our water-based spray-coated surface is visually eye-catching too. In one of the sectors, lines have been painted for a small, multifunctional playing field. In the opposite sector, are facilities for long jump and high jump. Our water-permeable Rekortan AS GT fulfils all the requirements for competitive running tracks and multi-purpose facilities, and is a viable alternative to conventional pour-coated running track surfaces, not least because it is quick and easy to install. Another advantage: the innovative multisport surface is yet another environmentally product from the Polytan Green Technology portfolio.

A unique highlight of the running circuit track is the installation of Polytan SMART, our high-precision system for professional performance diagnostics. It is primarily used for classic running disciplines in athletics, as well as long jump and high jump. The Polytan SMART system consists of integrated, maintenance-free, magnetic timing gates that are permanently and securely installed in the ground. It is accompanied by a sensor weighing only 15 grams and the tried-and-tested diagnostics software from our partner Humotion. Amateur athletes simply use their smartphone, worn in a running belt on their person, combined with the free Smart Run app. The measurements – such as distance, time, number of steps and step frequency – are evaluated and analysed directly in the app. In Peiting, a total of 38 timing gates have been installed in the track: 18 in the two tracks of the hundred-metre sprinting track, 12 in the running circuit, and 8 in the long jump area. Thanks to digital measurement sensors, the renovated running track in Peiting is one of the most cutting-edge in Bavaria – alongside similar tracks at Augsburg University and TU Munich. There, athletes of the TSV Peiting athletics club can train under professional conditions. The club hopes that the highly modern track will attract young people to athletics and generate enthusiasm for the sport.

Directly adjacent to the running circuit is a multifunctional, all-weather pitch, equipped with our durable all-round surface, PolyPlay SE. Its smooth surface and good ball bounce make the single-layer synthetic surface ideal for ball sports and a variety of outdoor activities. Its water-permeability helps the surface dry quickly, while also making it fully slip-resistant. As a result, our synthetic surface can be used year round as an all-weather pitch. Thanks to the colour scheme in bold Chili Red, the multifunctional sports pitch matches the neighbouring running circuit – an eye-catching sight against the scenic backdrop of the nearby Alps.

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