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The ability to play and train all year round is indispensable for many football clubs. A modern synthetic turf therefore has to offer optimal playing characteristics in all kinds of weather. That’s why we at Polytan have created a system that can withstand heavy rain, wind, frost and snow.


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LigaTurf Cross R
Nordic System, Made for the North


Our LigaTurf Cross R with new BioFusion infi ll is a sustainable synthetic turf system created especially for extreme weather conditions: durable and robust from its synthetic turf blades to its infill granules.

LigaTurf Cross R combines the playing characteristics of a natural football pitch with technologies that make it as robust and low-maintenance as fully textured synthetic turf. With fi laments containing recycled material, the turf belongs to the Polytan Green technology product line: a new generation of highly advanced products that combine the latest technological knowhow of the plastics industry with the functional and ecological benefi ts of renewable raw materials or alternative climate-friendly technologies.


Polytan is committed to sustainability and produces LigaTurf Cross R using recycled plastic from the transport and packaging industries. Approximately 20 % of the compound is composed of recycled  granules containing PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) material – and through upcycling, a waste product is turned into a high-quality synthetic turf with a lifespan of up to 15 years.

  • Certifiably sustainable according to the
    International Sustainability & Carbon Certifi cate (ISCC)
  • Reduced percentage of fossil raw materials
  • Low carbon footprint and energy output
  • Certified use of recycled raw material in accordance
    with the ISCC mass balance approach

Why artificial turf made from recycled material from Polytan?

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The climate conditions of the Nordic regions pose their own unique challenges when it comes to the fi lling of synthetic turf. Polytan’s brand new BioFusion infi ll is the answer and the solution for the future of sustainable football.

BioFusion: a unique blend of olive pits and cork. This mix ensures the infi ll is 100 % organic and free from microplastics. It combines the benefi ts of both materials, while compensating for the drawbacks. The result: a well-rounded infi ll with the perfect balance of elasticity, density, compactness, durability and wear-resistance. The infi ll also compensates for temperature differences by cooling the surface in hot weather and not freezing in cold temperatures.

Biofusion Infill

A unique blend of olive pits and cork

Nordic Characteristics
Polytan Elastikschicht


In an in-situ construction, the elastic layer plays a vital role in maintaining the playing properties and usage quality of our synthetic football turf. Polytan has used this sustainable solution for the elastic substructure of its synthetic turf for more than 35 years.

That’s why we install our LigaTurf Cross R with BioFusion infi ll on a PolyBase GT elastic layer with a thickness of 25 mm.

Alternatively, Polytan also offers a shock pad system, which can be used as an elastic base layer. All system variants are tested in accordance with EN 15330-1, Nordic and the FIFA Quality Programme for Football Turf.

High performance for the far north

Our LigaTurf Cross R with new BioFusion infill is a sustainable synthetic turf system created especially for extreme weather conditions: durable and robust from its synthetic turf blades to its infill granules.

Made for the north flyer


We already convert recycled plastic from industrial operations into capital goods by incorporating it into our synthetic turf. The PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) material we use is single-use packaging film that we breathe new life into by turning it into synthetic playing surfaces that last for 12 to 15 years.

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