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The success story of the "Fair Play Soccer Tour" first began 15 years ago as a tournament in the city of Erfurt. The event organiser, the Deutsche Soccer Liga (German Soccer League), expects around 15,000 football-mad children, teenagers and young adults every year to be competing for the official title of German Street Soccer Champions as well as the Fair Play Award. After visiting more than 35 locations in the east of the federal republic, the national final will be held on Rügen in the summer. Also expected on this island in the Baltic Sea are teams from more than 20 European nations, which will be taking part in the European Street Soccer Championships held under the patronage of the Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel. Other patrons of the "Sparkassen Fair Play Soccer Tour" include Dr. Thomas de Maizière, Federal Minister of the Interior, and Rainer Milkoreit, President of the Nordostdeutscher Fußballverband (Northeast German Football Association) and DFB Vice-President.


"Fairplay leben" (Living fair play) is the motto for what is now the biggest street soccer event in Germany. Helping young people to understand fair play by means of a shared experience of sport was an idea that also inspired Polytan Managing Director Markus Deimling: "Fairness in sport in no way prevents competition or high standards of performance - on the contrary, the notion of fair play must be a matter of course. What's more, the tour is an exemplary way of promoting the integration of children and young people with a migrant background. This is why we are delighted to be able to make a small contribution to more integration and fairness in our capacity as official sponsor." The sports surface manufacturer from Burgheim is not only providing the football strips for the girls and boys, it is also ensuring that Polytan synthetic turf provides a suitable playing surface in some towns and in the national final on Rügen.


Anyone interesting in finding out more, including match rules, conditions of entry, and tour dates, can do so by visiting


Polytan Managing Director Markus Deimling and Vice-President for Legal Affairs and Finance at the Deutsche Soccer Liga e. V. René André Bernuth shake hands after signing a partnership agreement. As official sponsor, the Polytan brand is represented exclusively on all Deutsche Soccer Liga shirts.

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Presentation ceremony at the preliminary tournament in 2015 in Saxony-Anhalt. Matches will be held on 10 x 15 metre soccer courts, which will be adapted to local conditions as and when required. Each team will consist of three girls or three boys, and there will be four different age groups.

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As in summer 2014 (pictured), girls and boys play on Polytan synthetic turf in the national final on Rügen. The sporting and emotional climax of the tournament will be the German Street Soccer Champions and the European Soccer Championship.

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