LigaTurf Motion


Three filaments, one system: LigaTurf Motion combines three different fibre technologies, thereby achieving a perfect result. The play feel is significantly different to previous, much more carpet-like, unfilled artificial turf with a tightly closed surface. The smooth filaments protrude above the turf surface and immediately catch the eye. The filaments provide the typical football feel during play and pleasant soft skin haptics during tackles. The LigaTurf RS+ filament used is the worldwide benchmark for support capacity and wear resistance and thus the precondition for a good football turf. The smooth fibres are combined with the well-known LigaGrass Pro filaments that provide additional stability and generate the necessary traction for players. The third component provides volume, fullness and grass optics for the new LigaTurf Motion: the textured, yet very fine and especially soft Synergy yarn. All components of the new multi-purpose turf are durable and UV-stable while the CoolPlus pigments concurrently reduce warming of the turf surface on hot days. The three different fibre colours TriColour give an appearance that is highly similar to natural fibres.

LigaTurf Cross GT


With the LigaTurf Cross GT, Polytan is offering the first CO2-neutral football pitch for professional and amateur sports. Without sacrificing durability and performance characteristics, Polytan has created a product that combines the challenges of environmental sustainability, climate compatibility and player demands. The LigaTurf Cross GT is derived from the successful LigaTurf Cross product line, whose product launch in 2016 revolutionised the football pitch. For the first time, one turf system has incorporated the needs of municipal and private investors and the requirements of players and users. The combination of crimped LigaGrass Pro filaments with Polytan PreciTex technology and the smooth LigaTurf RS+ filament, which is considered the benchmark for football turf filaments, made it a real bestseller in the Polytan portfolio. This did not escape the notice of our competitors and made the LigaTurf Cross the most copied turf variety after the LigaTurf RS+. The reasons for its success are, in addition to the natural grass-like appearance and the perfect playing characteristics, simplified maintenance, approx. 50 percent lower use of rubber granulate and improved retention of the infill granules in the turf system. Clubs with a LigaTurf Cross football turf therefore have had the best arguments in the current debate about the discharge of rubber granules. Find out more about our Green Technology!

LigaGrass Synergy


Polytan MultiTuft technology is Polytan’s latest innovation: In production, two different fibre types are combined with a needle to form a single tuft. Combining soft and flexible Synergy filaments with larger and firmer LigaGrass Pro filaments provides an ideal artificial turf configuration. The additional advantages created by this combination make LigaGrass Synergy the perfect lawn system for club and communal sports. The variety of filaments holds the infill in place without restricting rotation and traction. The infill quantities of sand and in particular rubber granules are also reduced by up to 50%, which is good news for the environment, the players and the greenkeepers. The natural feel when playing and running as well as player safety and skin friendliness are maintained while maintenance costs are reduced. The new TriColour colouration gives LigaGrass Synergy a real “natural look”. By the way, the turf is also available in a purely sand-filled or unfilled version without any synthetic fillers.

Fusion GT


With Fusion GT Green Technology infill, Polytan is presenting a completely newly developed infill which combines the benefits of our highly advanced synthetic granules with those of a natural raw material: Fusion GT is based on a tried and tested EPDM rubber matrix in which the natural fibres are fixed. A perfect fusion of nature and engineering – with extraordinary properties. Just like the natural turf substrate, the new Fusion GT infill is able to store moisture and release it again evenly. The result is natural evaporation, keeping the synthetic turf pleasantly cool, even at high temperatures.

Poligras Tokyo GT


With new Poligras Tokyo GT hockey turf, Polytan is bringing to the market the first synthetic turf which features filaments made from over 60% regrowable raw materials. Polytan is using BioBased PE to add a sustainable dimension to the outstanding playing properties of its tried-and-tested polyurethane monofilament fibres. Implemented in a turf that is in no way inferior to our previous premium products. With a turf structure that is specifically adapted to the BioBased PE formula, Poligras Tokyo GT enables incomparably dynamic and precise play. Patented ENTANGLEMENT technology in the filaments means that the even, multidirectional surface remains stable in the long term, and is protected against premature wear. Polytan’s CoolPlus technology ensures that the turf stays pleasantly cool even on hot days; pigments incorporated on the surface of the turf fibres effectively reflect the infrared part of solar radiation – which is responsible for heating up the turf – on an ongoing basis. PreciTex process engineering guarantees the turf’s very uniform colour.

Laykold Masters 8


Laykold Masters 8 är ett högmodernt polyuretan-/gummi-/akryllamineringssystem med förstklassiga kraftminskningsegenskaper. För att ge spelarna en extra komfort används specialtillverkade gummiunderlag. Dessutom finns det ett skikt Laykold-Masters-akryl som ger beständiga stötegenskaper och en god balans.

PolyPlay SE


Precis som sin bror PolyPlay S är PolyPlay SE en slittålig universalbeläggning som främst används på lekytor och på anläggningar för bollsporter och fritidsaktiviteter. Tack vare den släta ytan och det goda studsbeteendet för bollar är det ett idealiskt underlag för bollsporter på skolor och vid många olika typer av utomhusaktiviteter. I jämförelse med Polytan S är PolyPlay SE en enskiktsbeläggning. Tack vare vattengenomsläppligheten torkar ytan väldigt snabbt och är ändå halksäker. Därför är plastbeläggningen användbar i alla väder under hela året. Andra fördelar är ett starkt slitskydd och ett lågt underhållsbehov. PolyPlay SE läggs som en högkomprimerad granulatbeläggning som tack vare sin enskiktskonstruktion uppvisar en högre hållbarhet än S-beläggningen.

PolyPlay S


Den långlivade universalbeläggningen PolyPlay S används främst på lekytor och på anläggningar för skolsporter, bollsporter och fritidsaktiviteter. Tack vare den släta ytan och det goda studsbeteendet för bollar är det ett idealiskt underlag för bollsporter på skolor och vid många olika typer av utomhusaktiviteter. PolyPlay S är vattengenomsläpplig, varför ytan torkar väldigt snabbt och därför är användbar i alla väder under hela året. Den kan läggas plant och är ändå halksäker. Andra fördelar är ett starkt slitskydd och ett lågt underhållsbehov. PolyPlay S läggs principiellt ovanpå ett grundskikt. Uppbyggnaden svarar för konstanta värden beträffande dämpning och deformering.