Primary School in Arnulfpark

August 2016

A primary school which was completed in Munich’s new Arnulfpark district in 2013 received the prestigious “DAM Award for Architecture in Germany 2014” from the German Architecture Museum in Frankfurt in recognition of its exemplary architectural and spatial qualities. The planners intentionally restricted the construction materials to exposed concrete, wood and glass, thus leaving the primary school children with plenty of scope for creativity rather than overwhelming them with a dominant design. The only coloured features are the covered track and the all-weather pitch, which consist of the Polytan S synthetic surface in pea green. The architects opted for the UV-resistant standard pea green colour from Polytan because they particularly liked the freshness and brightness of this shade – not only does it make a striking contrast to the traditional red normally used for school sports facilities, it also reflects daylight into the interior of the building where the covered 50-metre track is situated.

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