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LigaTurf Motion

LigaTurf Product brand


Three filaments, one system: LigaTurf Motion combines three different fibre technologies, thereby achieving a perfect result. The play feel is significantly different to previous, much more carpet-like, unfilled artificial turf with a tightly closed surface. The smooth filaments protrude above the turf surface and immediately catch the eye. The filaments provide the typical football feel during play and pleasant soft skin haptics during tackles. The LigaTurf RS+ filament used is the worldwide benchmark for support capacity and wear resistance and thus the precondition for a good football turf. The smooth fibres are combined with the well-known LigaGrass Pro filaments that provide additional stability and generate the necessary traction for players. The third component provides volume, fullness and grass optics for the new LigaTurf Motion: the textured, yet very fine and especially soft Synergy yarn. All components of the new multi-purpose turf are durable and UV-stable while the CoolPlus pigments concurrently reduce warming of the turf surface on hot days. The three different fibre colours TriColour give an appearance that is highly similar to natural fibres.


  • ENTANGLEMENT Technology

    ENTANGLEMENT Technology

    High resistance against wear and soft filaments
  • CoolPlus


    Reflects infra-red radiation, providing a cooler surface
  • SharkSkin Technology

    SharkSkin Technology

    Smoother surface, reduced glare and a more natural look
  • 100 % PE formulation

    100 % PE formulation

    Exclusive PE formulation
  • PreciTex Technology

    PreciTex Technology

    High-performance texturing for precise processing of multi-shape filaments
  • TwinTuft Technology

    TwinTuft Technology

    Combination of smooth and textured turf filaments
  • MultiTuft Technology

    MultiTuft Technology

    MultiTuft combines various types of yarn in a single tuft
  • TriColour


    TriColour colour scheme for natural lawn-like appearance
  • RAL-tested


    100 % quality control through neutral testing institute
  • Performance


    Suitable for club sports and municipal facilities
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