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Polytan synthetic turf systems with textured filaments are particularly suitable for public or municipal sports facilities. They allow for intensive use and deliver a high level of availability with reduced maintenance costs. The textured structure efficiently holds sand and infill in place and ensures constant volume. Depending on the product, they are suitable for football, hockey or tennis and have been awarded the relevant certificates by international sports federations.
texturised fibres

LigaGrass Pro CoolPlus

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Multisport
  • General information


    Polytan is quite rightly regarded as a pioneer in developing texturised turf systems for football pitches. With the new LigaGrass Pro CoolPlus, we are marking another milestone in the successful history of our company. After all, thanks to the new Polytan PreciTex texturing technology, even functional filament cross-sections with a thickness of up to 250 μm can now be processed easily.
    The LigaGrass Pro filament with its triangular cross-section ensures even better fibre stability and gives the turf more volume and texture. Compared to its predecessor (LigaGrass), this fibre is approximately 18 % wider, thus providing greater coverage and a more uniform appearance. The LigaGrass Pro CoolPlus, Polytan‘s first crimped synthetic turf system, also features a BiColour design. The two-tone fibres enhance the natural turf look with a rich shade of green. The integrated continuous CoolPlus function reduces the build-up of heat in the turf and is particularly effective in texturised turf systems, which have a large surface area for reflecting thermal radiation. The LigaGrass Pro turf system is available filled with a mixture of sand and rubber or filled with sand only. It is suitable for multifunctional use, as demonstrated by its FIFA and FIH certifications. It has also been tested according to all current national and international standards and is subject to RAL quality assurance checks.

  • Product features


    • Training facilities
    • Amateur clubs
    • Mini-pitches
    • Multi-sport facilities
    • School sports facilities


    • Monofilament turf fibres with approx. 250 μm fibre thickness
    • Exclusive Polytan 100 % PE formulation
    • Exclusive Polytan PreciTex texturing technology
    • BiColour design
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  • CoolPlus function

  • BiColour

  • Texturing process

  • 100 % PE formulation

  • Certifiable

  • RAL-tested

  • Resource conservation

  • Performance