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Polytan GYM sports flooring creates the ideal conditions for indoor sports – whether for school sports, children's gymnastics or international indoor tournaments. They also provide optimum safety and protect athletes from injuries and strain. With GYM Point, GYM Area and GYM Combi, Polytan offers three different sports flooring systems. Each are adjusted to fit different purposes and requirements and ensure maximum athletic functionality.

Polytan GYM Area

  • Indoor Sports
  • General information

    Polytan GYM Area is a true high-performance sport floor that is suitable for multi-purpose use by adult athletes. This area elastic indoor surface offers very high shock-absorption. Quick turning, running and jumping movements are cushioned across a broad area. When force is exerted on the surface, it creates a vertical depression across a wide area around the point of impact. In the process, the foot does not sink into the point of rotation and is not slowed down too quickly. In addition, Polytan GYM Area ensures more freedom during rotational movements. Athletes‘ joints, muscles and ligaments are optimally protected. Professional sports such as basketball and competitive dance or skate sports predominantly take place on area elastic sport floors. Thanks to the high degree of stability, Polytan GYM Area is ideally suited for multi-purpose halls with mixed use for sports and events with mobile grandstands and seating.

  • Product features


    • Multi-purpose facilities
    • Sports and multi-purpose halls with mobile grandstands
    • Types of sports that place priority on ball bouncing properties, e.g. basketball
    • Skate sports


    • Seamless surface
    • Hard, area elastic surface
    • Can be certified according to international sports association requirements
  • References


  • Seamless

    No seams and abutting edges, easy maintenance with long lifespan.
  • MultiColour

    Colour-coordinated areas for more individuality
  • Certifiable

  • Resource conservation

  • Professional

  • Indoor multi-functionality

    Suitable for multi-purpose halls