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Polytan GYM Point

  • Indoor Sports
  • General information

    The point elastic sports floor is a flexible, yielding floor that is particularly well-suited for amateur and recreational sports. The soft surface cushions falls immediately. In addition, the point elastic layers only require a small mass to exhibit their shock-absorbing effect. This plays a particularly important role in children‘s and school sports if the athlete is relatively light. Thanks to the simple design of the elastic layer and PUR wear surface, Polytan GYM Point can be installed quickly and easily and is more cost-effective when compared to wooden sports floors. The surface is extremely resistant to both mechanical influences and liquids. The elastic layer is moisture-resistant and maintains its shock-absorbing properties even after many years of use. Simple maintenance of the seamless surfaces completes the system.

  • Product features


    • School and recreational sports
    • Types of sports with a greater need for a protective function, e.g. handball or Volleyball


    • Seamless surface
    • Soft, point elastic surface
    • Can be certified according to international sports association requirements
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  • Seamless

    No seams and abutting edges, easy maintenance with long lifespan.
  • MultiColour

    Colour-coordinated areas for more individuality
  • Certifiable

  • Resource conservation

  • Professional

  • Performance