GYM Combi

Polytan GYM Combi combines the positive protective function characteristics of point elastic systems with the benefits of the sport function properties of area elastic systems. The surface offers optimum protection for uses such as martial arts, where the substructure cushions loads created by quick jumping and running movements over a wide area and the point elastic top layer additionally protects against fall injuries with its soft surface. This makes it just as suitable for both lightweight and heavyweight athletes. Like the other Polytan GYM sports flooring systems, GYM Combi offers a tough, scratch-resistant surface that is particularly easy to clean and maintain thanks to seamless installation.


  • Seamless


    No seams and abutting edges, easy maintenance with long lifespan
  • MultiColour


    Colour-coordinated areas for more individuality
  • Indoor multi-functionality

    Indoor multi-functionality

    Suitable for multi-purpose halls
  • Multifunctional


    Suitable for school sports and/or ball sports
  • Professional


    Suitable for competitive sports


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