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Polytan FS is our impact-absorbent product, with a different installation thickness to achieve the required cushioning, for example for children's playgrounds. The impact-absorbent systems are water-permeable with a smooth surface and are used mainly in playgrounds, nursery schools and amusement parks. In order to give planners and architects virtually free rein to exercise their creativity, we offer a wide range of standard colours.

PolyPlay FS Nature / FS Fun

  • Soft Impact Surface
  • General information


    PolyPlay FS Nature and FS Fun are primarily used in playgrounds and kindergartens as shock-absorbing soft impact surfaces in a variety of thicknesses. PolyPlay FS Fun offers virtually unlimited possibilities for playful design, with a wide range of colours and inlays such as hopscotch or decorative elements for an individual touch. It‘s everything a child could dream of. PolyPlay FS Nature features a BiColour finish, making it perfect for soft impact surfaces that have to look as natural as possible. Both surfaces are superior to natural turf, sand pits or bark mulch in terms of hygiene and safety. Their ideal resistance to weather and rotting ensures a long lifespan.

  • Product features

    PolyPlay FS Nature features

    • Exclusive Polytan 100% PE formulation

    • Exclusive Polytan CoolPlus function

    • Natural look thanks BiColour design

    • Water-permeable

    PolyPlay FS Fun features

    • Exclusive Polytan 100% PE formulation

    • Natural look

    • Water-permeable

    • A range of colours to choose from

    • Inlays such as hopscotch or decorative elements

      available on request

  • References


  • Water-permeable

  • Certifiable

  • Resource conservation

  • CoolPlus function

  • BiColour

  • Texturing process

  • 100 % PE formulation

  • Performance